Susam reports that kidney will not be left unattended, with possible end contract with contracted clinic to SUS

The contract will end on 18 October and, until then, a clínica conveniada continuará a atender normalmente os pacientes do SUS.
16/06/2016 17h09 - Updated 16/06/2016 17h09
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The State Department of Health (Sesame) He received a notice from the Manaus Renal Clinic that the institution does not intend to renew the contract for the care of chronic renal failure patients on hemodialysis treatment. The contract will end on 18 October and, until then, the contracted clinic will continue to normally serve patients of the Unified Health System (THEIR), as or document.

"If the company maintains the decision not to renew his contract which ends in October, the Susam will the relocation of patients to other network services. We are still in conversation with the direction of the Renal Clinic, in that review the intention not to renew the contract with SUS. But it is important that the patients enrolled in the service know that, If this does not happen, all measures shall be taken to ensure there is no interruption of treatment ", He assured the state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza.

According to Pedro Elias, the reason alleged by the Renal Clinic for non-renewal of contract, is lack of adjustment by the Federal Government, the value of Table SUS for the remuneration for the hemodialysis service, valid throughout Brazil. "It is important to clarify that Susam does not intervene in this table. It is a federal transfer. We are sensitive to this election, but this is a national issue, object, inclusive, discussion in forums such as the National Council of Health Secretaries, but that is beyond our power of decision ", He stressed Pedro Elias.

The secretary pointed out that the State Government is strengthening the supply of care for chronic renal, with investment in the structure. In this year, the Hospital Adriano Jorge Foundation (FHAJ) implemented a hemodialysis service that already serves 64 patients / month and is being extended to 120 patients / month. parallel, the Government advances to the second phase of the structuring of service, this hospital, with the establishment of a Center Hemodialysis, which will have an installed capacity to meet 300 patients / month.

Last week, Social Promotion Fund of the State Government passed the FHAJ resources of R $ 1,8 million for adaptation works of the space where the Hemodialysis Centre will work. The forecast is that the structure in between already working in the second half of this year.

In addition to this front of service to chronic renal represented by service FHAJ, Susam also maintains a partnership with the University Hospital Getulio Vargas (HUGV / trust) e, besides renal Clinical, three clinical conveniadas.

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