TCE-AM rebukes accounts of former mayor of Itacoatiara

Antonio Peixoto de Oliveira will have to return to public coffers R $ 21,9 thousand in fines.
15/06/2016 12h47 - Updated 15/06/2016 12h48
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Unanimously and following the vote of the director Joshua Son, full of Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM) decided, early on Tuesday (14), during the 20th ordinary session 2016, reprove the former mayor of accounts and ordering of Itacoatiara expenses, Antonio Peixoto de Oliveira, for the year 2010 (period of 4 February to 31 from December). The manager will have to return to public coffers R $ 21,9 thousand in fines.

As the counselor Joshua Son, based on conclusive technical report, Antonio Peixoto failed to forward to the Audit Court the Multi-Year Plan of the municipality and also to send monthly statements to TCE, not to mention the failure in the delivery of personal inlet acts during the year and legal advice on bidding procedures.

As the ECA technical, Antonio Peixoto, yet issued checks if financial coverage, fragmented expense to escape bidding process and caused, by mismanagement, a financial deficit in the city because of nonpayment of property tax.

In the same process (No 11418/2015) Itacoatiara, the former mayor Donmarques Anveres de Mendonça, who administered the municipality of 1st January to 4 February 2010, had approved accounts with caveats, but it was fined R $ 2,1 thousand by not forwarding documentation to TCE.

The accounts of the Mayor of Benjamin Constant, Elvis Presley Souza, It was also reproved by the collegiate, that followed the vote of the board-rapporteur of the case, Erico Exile. In his opinion, Exile condemned to return to public coffers the amount of R $ 63,8 one thousand, between fines and glosses.

Among the improprieties identified by the technical sector and listed on the vote Erico Exile advisor are spending on expenses cleaning supplies, without proof of regularity; lack of control warehouse, seen countless consumer goods purchased, without input jacks and output and requests by sector / department and also lack of control and lack of a map on the use of fuel, identifying the drivers, Displacement of the subject, history and mileage.

Audited accounts
Also during the 20th session of the Full Court, collegiality approved with reservations accounts of the Mayor of Santo Antonio do lea (the year 2014), Jose Gouvea, with a fine of R $ 6 one thousand. Two accounts of Individual Rights of the Secretary of State with Disabilities, Vania Suely de Melo Silva, They were approved: one with caveat, but no fine.

The accounts of the former Municipal Secretariat of Public Policies for Women (SMPPM), which was aggregated to the Municipal Finance, of responsibility Ulysses Tapajós, It was approved by the joint committee. The rapporteur of the case, counselor Yara Lins Santos, the technical body and the prosecution of Auditors did not identify improprieties.

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