EC condemns former mayor of Autazes

Fines and gloss applied to the former mayor exceed R $ 2,9 millions, with time to return to the coffers of 30 days.
28/06/2016 13h24 - Updated 28/06/2016 13h24
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The Plenum of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), this morning (28), reproved accountability, for the financial year 2013, the former mayor of Autazes Raimundo Sampaio Wanderlan Penalber. According to the rapporteur of the case, adviser Joshua Son, between the improprieties that led the college to make the decision are: works and services of various engineering, who had not faithful fulfillment bidding, planning, execution and proven accepted by the Executive Branch of Autazes; late payment of social security contributions (which generated interest and penalties); and no shift in daily processes vouchers. Fines and gloss applied to the former mayor exceed R $ 2,9 millions, with time to return to the coffers of 30 days.

Also during the 22th ordinary meeting of the TEC was appreciated the provision of authorizing the expense accounts of the Municipal Fund for the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage Bernardo Soares Monteiro de Paula, for the financial year 2014. The decision of the college was the regularity with caveats, without penalty application.

It was also the trial accountability (exercise 2015), the executive secretary of the Reserve Fund Intelligence Actions - FRAINT, Tamera Maciel Assad, and it was approved by the full TEC-AM.

When the benefits are judged regular with caveats?
fall as regular accounts with caveats those in which there remained no harm to the exchequer; there was no embezzlement or reach; the mathematics of accounts closed; accounting presents regular. These accounts are not regular because the agent did not follow, rigorously, all expense proof formalism, having violated rule considered, no case, purely formal. Even when judging the regular bills with the exception can the Court impose a fine of up to 30% (thirty percent) the amount provided for in Article 54, because of the inadequacies or faults identified, cases where the discharge to the responsible will be subject to payment.

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