TCU says Dilma repeated evidence of irregularities in 2015

Dilma will 30 days to respond to TCU questions and prosecutors.
15/06/2016 13h01 - Updated 15/06/2016 13h01
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The Union's Court of Auditors (TCU) approved today (15) – unanimously – Jose Múcio minister's report that analyzes the president of the accounts away Dilma Rousseff, concerning 2015. Although I have pointed repetition of irregularities, as occurred in 2014, Múcio said it had, still, conditions of the accounts, the way they were provided, They are considered by the court. Like this, Dilma will 30 days to respond to TCU questions and prosecutors (MP).

"I want to communicate to Congress that the accounts given by President Dilma are not currently in a position to be considered by the court, because of irregularities and possible distortions ", the minister said.

All eight ministers voted in favor of the rapporteur. Thereby, begins the period of 30 days for the defense of Dilma submit responses to 19 questions presented by TCU and five MP.

According to the Minister José Múcio, adding the values ​​for the 23 evidence of irregularities, You can reach $ 260 billion amounts questioned. "But it is a reference value, It can not be taken literally. To this number is absolutely correct, it is necessary that none of our questions will be answered ", said.

repeated points

At present the questions to the government accounts, Minister Jose Múcio said many of the points mentioned in the report 2015 repeat what happened in 2014, case of loans to public banks. "The example of 2014, in 2015 the Treasury failed to pass on values ​​in the harvest plan of operations ", he said.

"It was found again lending of financial institutions and was characterized the occurrence debt refinancing. In 2015, the Union incurred new irregular credit operations with these institutions, replicating what was done previously ", the minister said the highlight being "necessary to preserve the due process in respect of the principles of the contradictory and full defense of the president away." If confirmed the deadline, the president will have removed 30 days to respond to the questions presented by TCU.

José Múcio cited some credit concessions to the EU in January and in July 2015, through the Bank of Brazil (BB) and BNDES. No caso do BB, They were R $ 8,3 billion in January and R $ 10,4 billion used for refinancing and rollover existing debt as of December 2014 and July 2015, incurred because of the granting of loans for the discharge of equalization of interest calculated for periods prior to the second half of 2014 and the first half of 2015.

They were also identified two credit operations – made by the Union from BB – R $ 2,6 billion and R $ 3,1 billion due to liabilities arising from the equalization of interest rates on rural loans.

Finame, PSI and FGTS
In the case of BNDES, It was cited lending - also in January and July 2015 - We values ​​of R $ 20 billion and R $ 20,16 billion for the financing bank, through machines financing program and equipment Machines and Equipment Financing (Finame). According to the relator, the transactions correspond to refinancing and rollover existing debt, as of December 2014 and June 2015, contracted by reason of loans for equalization of discharge calculated interest for prior periods. Although the BNDES, credit operations have been made of R $ 3,7 billion and R $ 4.37 billion due to liabilities arising from the Investment Support Program.

The questions presented by the rapporteur, He was appointed, still, the Union liabilities omission from BB, Caixa Econômica Federal, BNDES and Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) the public debt statistics published by the Central Bank, or what, second Múcio, "Contradicts the assumptions of planning, transparency and responsible fiscal management. "

The report cites, also, the realization of payment of Union debts with Banco do Brazil, BNDES and FGTS without authorization in the Annual Budget Law or additional credits law.

Infraero, Banco da Amazônia and DPVAT
The report also cites contingencies Union's discretionary spending in amounts less than those needed to achieve the fiscal target; and the irregular retention of the EU's fiscal budget resources and their application to incur expenses without legislative authorization by the Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company (Infraero). The questioning of Infraero was eventually removed from the session agenda for further consideration by the TCU.

Múcio considered "improper" to grant authorized by the Central Bank to Banco da Amazônia in which to present the record of R $ 982,1 million as regulatory capital as core capital. According to the rapporteur, there was also no transfer related to Damage Compulsory Insurance Personal Injury Caused by Motor Vehicles Land Routes (DPVAT), no amount of R $ 89,7 millions, the National Health Fund.

public ministry
Among the questions presented by the prosecution (MP), is the opening of additional credits for the Student Financing Fund - FIES – "Wrongly qualified as extraordinary credit" to enable the contracting of new operations, "Creating compulsory expenditure of continuous nature lasting more than two years."

The prosecutor questions, also, approval of external credit operation contract to finance the FX-2 project, Brazilian aircraft-hunting. According to the MP, there was no prior authorization in the budget law or in additional credits, not having, also, occurred through specific law.

Source: Agency Brazil

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