Temer discussed with governors debt of states

The meeting takes place tomorrow, day 20, the Presidential Palace.
19/06/2016 12h26 - Updated 20/06/2016 07h59
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Amid the state decree of public emergency in Rio de Janeiro due to financial crisis, the interim president, Michel Temer, will make, next Monday (20), the Presidential Palace, a meeting with all the governors to negotiate a solution to the debt of states.

Since taking office, in 12 of May, after the removal of President Dilma Rousseff, Temer has received five governors to address the issue. This will be the first time that the PMDB will be meeting with all the governors to discuss the impasse over the amount of the installments to be paid by the states to the Union. at the meeting, Fear and governor of Rio, Francisco Dornelles, also will address a possible federal aid to state.

In the beginning of the month, the Ministry of Finance presented to the representatives of the states a counterproposal that changes the grace period the payment of debt installments of the states with the Union. it, the vesting of benefits falls 24 months, (as proposed states), for 18 months, with staggered discounts. In this ocasion, However, the Treasury secretaries were unhappy with the proposal of the economic team.

Since the Federal Supreme Court or (STF) granted preliminary injunctions to various state governments determining the correction of the stock by simple interest, instead of compound interest the course of the supplementary bill that renegotiates the debt is still in the House of Representatives. Judging injunctions, the Supreme ruled that states reach an agreement within 60 days for any renegotiation process is not canceled. Amid the negotiations, representatives of states have asked the Ministry of Finance less counterparts to resume the renegotiation of the debt of the states and the Federal District with the Union. They proposed simplification of the bill complementary sent in March to Congress dealing with the lengthening of state debts.

The idea is to summarize the project, which deals with various topics, the debt by stretching 20 years, with the possibility for states wishing to request grace 100% of installments for two years, resuming the payment of benefits after that period. The original proposal provided grace 40% for two years.

Source: Agency Brazil

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