Temer says it is not worth speaking of impeachment Janot

He made the statement during an interview on the morning of Wednesday, 22.
22/06/2016 12h33 - Updated 22/06/2016 15h53
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The President of, Michel Temer, He said early on Wednesday, 22, in an interview with Radio Jovem Pan who does not believe that the debate on the impeachment of Attorney, Rodrigo Janot, It should be carried forward.

“I think it really is not worth it”, said. Temer said the President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), filed five applications for impeachment prosecutor.

“If I'm not mistaken this is the sixth and I have a feeling that will not go ahead”, he said.

According to the President of, Janot “fulfilled its role” to ask prison PMDB chiefs and the Minister of the Supreme Court Teori Zavaski also fulfilled its role in denying the request.

When asked about who would stand to reason, To fear, which is also of the PMDB, said that “It is very complicated any guess”.

“Under the personal angle, I think the prosecutor made his role, I do not know what are the reasons that it will be possibly motivated by the testimonials. And Teori minister also did their part from my point of view also properly. He understood that was not the case this time decreeing prison”, said.

to Temer, over time the institutions in Brazil have been weakened and it takes reconstitucionalizar the country. “And praise the activities of the institutions will be enhancing this attempt to reconstitucionalizar”, said.

When asked about Janot's claims that he could be interfering with the operation Lava jet through a “conspiracy”, Temer said the prosecutor was based on the accusation of the former president of Transpetro Sérgio Machado and that it is not necessarily a conviction Janot. “Janot makes this argument in view of the statements by Sérgio Machado”, said.

Temer said that “repeatedly, unlike discredit Lava Jet I have supported”. “I have a lot of conviction of the importance of each function of the state. My question is the following: the Executive could interfere with the Judiciary? zero chance”, he said.

according Temer, this interference can not respect the institutions. “Never allow me or someone the government could interfere in this matter”, he said. According to the President of, investigations of Lava Jato continue normally.

important advances

Michel Temer also said his interim office “ends up creating some problems, some instabilities”, but that has behaved like a president already effected.

“For a reason that what is at stake is not the President A or B, what is at stake is the country”, said. “The country can not stop.”

Temer said his government, even a few days in charge, already achieved “some important advances in Congress”. According to him, these advances are the result “first by understanding the society and due to the significant support we get from Congress”.

Temer said he is waiting “respectfully decision the Senate” on the definition of the impeachment process, but is already taking steps to make the country the crisis.

He cited the extinction and 4,2 thousand jobs and the elimination of 10 thousand gratified functions. “It is an attempt to reduce how much public spending is possible”, he explained.

The president cited an interview he gave yesterday to the Washington Post, to be aired on Sunday, 26, and she said it found that Americans have “great hope and there is already a new credibility in Brazil”.

“But of course the question always arises in this way: what will happen in August?”. “This slightly destabilizes, but I will say it is not impossible to govern and after August things get more consolidated to take many other measures”, he said.

According to him, this doubt investors regarding the political future of Brazil demonstrates that the political aspect is important to recover the economy. “The economy is linked to political pacification”, evaluated.

consolidated basis

The acting president said in an interview with radio paulistana the outlook in terms of project approval that limits spending in government is positive, because the base “very consolidated” that his government has in Congress.

“Today we have a base, face it, which has long not been seen”, he said, citing the rapid adoption of Untying project Union Recipes (DRU).

Temer also spoke of the ceiling limiting spending project and stressed that it will not be worth just for the Union, but also to the United, as it was agreed in the debt renegotiation agreement. “This solid foundation is willing to share with us the attempt to take the country's crisis”, he said. “When we present the ceiling proposed spending it was very well received”, completed.

The PMDB also said that the issue of pension reform “and many other measures” Additional will be needed to help economic recovery. “we have been studying the issue of pension reform, dialoguing with the unions to find harmonious terms to a pension reform, which is a complement to measures to contain spending”.

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