Temer reiterates that it will not be candidate 2018

In an interview with journalist Roberto D Avila, by Globo News, Temer dismissed, again the possibility.
22/06/2016 14h44 - Updated 22/06/2016 18h42
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After the fall of three ministers in just over a month in office, the interim president, Michel Temer, he said today (21) believe that will no longer embezzlements at the ministerial team going forward. In an interview with journalist Roberto D Avila, by Globo News, Temer dismissed, again, the possibility of running for re-election 2018 if it kept in power and wait for the outcome of the impeachment process to "litigate" cyclical changes, as the pension reform.

"Obviously, after the Senate decision [by impeachment], It opens up a much wider field for governance. So, certain issues at this point has not had time to deal, I'll try later, as the issue of pension reform. I think I can only claim a pension reform if the effectuation ", said Temer.

Sérgio Machado
Temer returned to disqualify the accusations made against him by the former president of Transpetro Sérgio Machado. Or for interim president, Machado wants to "polarize" with the Presidency of the Republic. The PMDB stressed the importance of Lava Jato and rejected any attempt to limit the actions of the prosecutors and the Federal Police.

"One should not think of stopping the Lava Jato. It plays its role by the public prosecutor, the Judiciary, the Federal Police and should continue. First, that would never do that [paralyze the operation] e, no institutional plan, It is even more serious [this possibility]. I have preached the independence of actions and Powers ". according Temer, despite the denunciations have caused casualties in interim government, the Task Force Lava Jato "plays its role".

election donations
In the interview, the acting president defended the approval of a political reform, limiting the number of party and expressed favorably to the possibility of electoral donation companies, provided that the contribution is limited to only one party. Last year, or Federal Supreme Court (STF) considered unconstitutional the rules that allowed companies to donate to political campaigns.

to Temer, with the progress of Operation Lava Jato has been the "criminalization" of election donations. "It is likely that some have been unlawful activity object", pondered Temer. But, for him, most of the donations is the legal way.

"I had no objection to the grant of legal entities. What I preached is that if a firm resolve to support a party, it should give money to that party, because when it opts for a candidate or party, It is an opinion gesture. The company says so: so and so will behave better for the benefit of the country and my benefit. Those who can not authorize the donation is for all parties ".

About away President Rousseff, Temer said he always maintained a "respectful" relationship and always "very ceremonious". About impeachment, Fearing betrayal he denied and said he did not act for the approval of the admissibility of the responsibility for crime reporting. Asked why he remained in PT plate after four years as "decorative vice", Temer said were "political circumstances"

to Temer, Dilma prefers the technical issues than political relationships, However, said that, to take power, found misconceptions and technical "issues to be resolved". The acting president also criticized the proposed Dilma, case back to power, be a plebiscite called. "With the plebiscite is saying that you want to return, but that return can not govern. [HE] will return to call elections is because they do not want to rule ".

On limiting the use of Air Force planes away the president, Temer said the decision by maintaining Dilma prerogatives after the removal is limited to travel to the hometown.

"The President has the Alvorada Palace, Granja do Torto, You have planes to get around to her condition. It is not in the exercise of the Presidency, therefore, It has no governmental nature activity. I had information that the lady president would use the planes to companha against the coup. a situation, at least, bizarre ", said Temer.

Source: Agency Brazil

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