Teori returns to Janot an inquiry about Dilma and Lula

Zavascki or analysis of prosecutorial after cancellation of telephone conversations.
15/06/2016 15h56 - Updated 15/06/2016 15h56
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The minister Teori Zavascki, do Supremo Tribunal Federal, He returned the request for investigation against opening away from President Dilma Rousseff, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and two former ministers of Dilma to retesting the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot.

This is the request made by the Supreme Janot in early May to determine whether Dilma, Lula and former ministers Mercadante and José Eduardo Cardozo acted to obstruct the investigation of Operation Lava Jato.

Teori Zavascki informed the prosecutor that, as it annulled in another process talks between Lula and Dilma that supported part of the prosecution argument, It is the case of re-examination to know whether the prosecution wants to make changes to the evidence justifying the investigation (Here hear the audio of the conversation between Dilma and Lula).

Thereby, Janot could reapply privileging facts and evidence that are considered licit and excluding dialogue that was canceled.

The minister annulled recorded conversation with the permission of the judge Sergio Moro and published by the Federal Court of Paraná in which Dilma informed that he would be sending an auxiliary to the proper term as Minister of Governance “in case of need”. the Theory, the dialogue was recorded without judicial authorization because the judge had already sent suspend wiretaps.

This was one of the indications mentioned by researchers to affirm that there was misuse of purpose with the appointment to give privileged forum Lula and take the investigation against him from the hands of Sergio Moro.

However, to request investigation, the prosecutor also considered facts related to Lula's inauguration, beyond the circumstances of the appointment of Minister Marcelo Navarro Ribeiro Dantas to the High Court of Justice (STJ), with Cardozo share to try to benefit contractors, and a conversation between Mercadante and auxiliary Delcídio Amaral senator who would have been goal of trying to prevent a winning denunciation of Delcídio.

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