Teori denies request for suspension of guaranteed benefits Cunha

President of the House continues right away with the official residence, air transport and full salary.
18/06/2016 12h40 - Updated 18/06/2016 12h40

The minister Teori Zavascki, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), denied request for PSOL deputies to suspend some guaranteed benefits to the president of the House away, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ). In practice, Cunha continues to have the right to use the official residence, personal security, health care, air and land transport, full pay, and staff in the service of parliamentary office.

Cunha was removed from office in 5 of May, by decision of Teori own, which was later endorsed by the plenary of the Supreme Court. Second or minister, the type of action used by parliamentarians - call “complaint” - It was not the appropriate way to order. He also gave evidence that there are no problems in Cunha maintain the benefits you are entitled to, as established by an act of the Management Board of the Chamber.

“As can be seen, the act complained only assured Eduardo Cunha, as long as the suspension of the exercise of its mandate and the Chairman of the House of Representatives, the enjoyment of certain benefits to which was entitled before his dismissal by the Supreme Court. The decision in AC 4.070, however, at no time tried to such issues; was limited, Indeed, to suspend the exercise of the elective office and the role of President of the Chamber of Deputies, with the main purpose to ensure the safety of criminal investigations relating to parliamentary”, these Theory.

At another point, he says that “this claim was not successful in demonstrating how the prerogatives guaranteed to Eduardo Cunha claimed the act would have the power to undermine the findings of the criminal acts imputed to him. You can not see how the official residence of usufruct, personal security, health care and air and ground transportation, the realization of full benefits and the availability of staff at the service of parliamentary office could, even in theory, disrupt the criminal proceedings which gave rise preserving the granting of the injunction postulated by the Attorney General of the Republic under the CA 4070”.

Cunha was removed from office for the year and, therefore, the post of Chairman of the Board at the request of the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot. He claimed that Cunha was using the position to protect, promoting, Among other things, the achaque companies and retaliation against opponents. There is at least one more action in the House calling for the suspension of the act of Officers. He was introduced by Mr José Carlos Alleluia (DEM-BA). In this case, this is not a complaint, but a court injunction. There was no decision yet.

Cunha is also a defendant in a criminal action Operation Lava-Jato, accused of having received bribes from lobbyists at least $ 5 millions. In exchange, he would have made possible the drillships contract by Petrobras. Besides that, It is investigated in four surveys, It has been reported in two of them. This means that, if the complaint is accepted, back to become defendant. There is also an inquiry opening order and an arrest order, pending analysis.

Source: The globe

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