Olympic torch reaches the Amazon on Sunday, day 19

The torch will arrive at around 8:30 am at Eduardo Gomes Airport and will be lit at 9 am at Avenida Santos Dumont.
17/06/2016 07h24 - Updated 18/06/2016 12h33
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Manaus will host next Sunday (19), the Olympic Torch, symbol of the largest sports competition in the world. The capital of Amazonas is one of the Rio Olympics host cities 2016, which starts in August. The torch should arrive around 8:30 am to the Eduardo Gomes Airport Cargo Terminal and will be lit at 9 am at Avenida Santos Dumont.

The symbol of the Olympiad will be born in Manaus soil by 39 km, approximately. on the route, are not just sights, according to the CEO of the Municipal Culture Foundation, Tourism and Events (Manauscult), Bernardo Monteiro de Paula.

"What is important is that we get to share the feeling, the Olympic torch the whole city. All other cities are choosing to do the sights. We go to the north, east side, because what we want, actually, is inviting the public to participate in this great event that is the Olympics in our city ", said Bernardo.

The first torch lead in Manaus will be the student of public schools William Domanski. Chosen because of good grades, he will go 200 Bicycle meters, symbolizing alternative transportation.

The relay will go through two avenues, with a planned stop at the Arena da Amazônia, at 10:30 am. Then will head to the Palace of Liberty, no Historical Center, to Adolpho Lisboa Market and, then, to the Amazon Theater. The first stage of the relay ends at Avenida Boulevard Alvaro Maia. In the afternoon, the relay will resume in the east side avenues and will be finished to feast in the Tourist Complex Ponta Negra, por volta the 19h.

Near 170 persons were selected to conduct the symbol Manaus, including athletes amazonenses. Tasso Alves fighter speaks of the excitement of the relay.

"First I thank God. It is a unique moment for the city of Manaus and the Amazon state. And I, as good manauara, I am representing the state for more than 20 years, competing in Brazil and abroad. Today, the penny dropped and I will have to contain the excitement on 19. I'm speechless", said the athlete's Olympic wrestling.

The Olympic torch relay through the Amazon will continue on Monday (20), from the War Training Center in Selva (Cigs), 7:30 am. According to the coordinator of the Committee Manaus 2016, Mauro Aufiero, the next destination will be the pier of Tropical Hotel, the banks of the Rio Negro, from where it will in a river relay in typical canoes in the area to the municipalities of Iranduba and Presidente Figueiredo.

"Drivers will swim with dolphins in Iranduba, then will go to the Lake of the Catalan, where there is an interesting riverside community, that is, this community can closely see the Olympic torch. From there, she goes in procession down the Rio Negro towards the Meeting of the Waters, where a large celebration will be. From there, will directly to President Figueiredo, where descend rafting [descent extreme sport in rapids] the rapids of the Rio Urubuí ", detalhou Aufiero.

There will also be a closing celebration of the passing of the torch by state, on Monday afternoon, on the banks of the rapids of the Rio Urubuí, in Presidente Figueiredo. From there, she returns to the pier of Tropical Hotel, In Manaus, their final destination in Amazonian lands.

The next day (20), the Olympic torch will be received at Acre.

Source: Agency Brazil

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