Stumbling Braga can cost position of Rebecca Garcia in Suframa

Suframa management is one of the most coveted position in trading in exchange for pro-impeachment support.
03/06/2016 00h08 - Updated 3/06/2016 15h30

The sharing of positions that has been proposed by the interim president Michel Temer (PMDB) in exchange for support in the impeachment process in the Senate, It puts at stake the management of the Superintendency of the Manaus Free Zone (Suframa), administered since November 2015 by Rebecca Garcia (PP), by appointment of Senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB). So far the PSD, Omar Aziz, e or PRB, of Congressman Silas House and Development Minister, Industry and Commerce (MDIC), Marcos Pereira (PRB), are the key stakeholders in charge.

Given the information that some senators may 'tergiversate’ Impeachment in the voting Rousseff (PT), Fearing determined a trading office in exchange for support in Congress.

In the North, Suframa is the most disputed by the parties, but Braga lost some points with Temer after missing the first vote of Impeachment, and disobeying direction of the party to leave the Ministry of Mines and Energy, even after PMDB politicians let all government positions Dilma. Some barbeiragens the front of the Ministry of Energy Mines, which left a hole of at least R $ 9 billion, also eroded the parliamentary image.

Sought by the report, Rebecca said it was not notified or advised on any issue related to a possible replacement, and remain in office and continue doing your job the time Temer understand that she must remain.


One of the eye parties in the folder is the PSD, Senator Omar Aziz, who declared support in the first round of voting in favor of the impeachment clearance Dilma. Aziz accumulate some points Fearing for not having made any barbeiragem, and for being one of the best governors with political assessment across country, the period that administered the Amazon.


Another party is eyeing the Suframa is the PRB Development Minister, Industry, Trade and Services, Marcos Pereira, who has also claimed responsibility. The PRB also closed question in favor of impeachment in the first phase and was the first party to leave the base and declare support for the removal of Dilma. Pereira will be in Manaus next day 10 of June to participate in a public hearing at the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (OF-AM) to discuss the bureaucratic obstacles, administrative and legal related to the Manaus Free Trade Zone.

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