'Fraud is characterized precisely by concealing', says attorney about Dilma pedaling

Julio Marcelo de Oliveira said in an interview fraud expertise held by Senate technicians.
29/06/2016 14h14 - Updated 29/06/2016 14h24
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The prosecutor of the Federal Audit Court(TCU), Julio Marcelo de Oliveira, in an interview with 'The Antagonist’ He explained fraud expertise held by Senate technicians, that says Dilma released credits, but not acted in cycling, and declares that the reasons that led TCU to repudiate illegal loans were not acts ostensibly practiced by the president or his aides but the omission of payments due to the federal banks.

The report says that although it considered that late payments are credit operation, what affront the Fiscal Responsibility Law (LRF), the experts assessed that there was no interference of the President. In this case, therefore, there would be no liability crime.

“A fraud is precisely characterized by dissimulation, by obtaining effects prohibited without the overt practice of act that would produce such an effect. Just to set up a fraud, with makeup of fiscal statistics, in billion dollar scale, I could not imagine that such a move could take place without the knowledge and consent of their primary beneficiary. That was the conviction that led the ministers of the TCU, unanimously, deliver an opinion for the rejection of the accounts 2014, by irregularities, in essence, They repeated in 2015”, said the prosecutor.

Oliveira was the first witness heard by the Commission in the case which accuses away President Dilma Rousseff of having committed the crime of responsibility for this practice, known as tax pedaling.

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