Jobs in Fies can be viewed from today

Applications must be made 24 a 29 of June.
21/06/2016 07h41 - Updated 21/06/2016 07h41
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Those interested in financing the higher education course by the Student Financing Fund (Fies) may consult, since today (21), at the program website, available positions. Applications must be made 24 a 29 of June, also the portal. They will be offered 75 thousand financing.

To participate in the selection, It must have made the National High School Exam (one) from 2010 is obtained 450 points in the middle of the evidence, and derived higher note 0 in writing. Candidates must also have gross family income per person up to three minimum wages, or equivalent to R $ 2.640.

Students can apply for only one course. The option can be changed until the end of the registration period. Once a day, the Ministry of Education (GUY) discloses a cut note of each course, which is an estimated minimum score to be approved based on the entries made so far. The cut grade is not calculated in real time and does not guarantee the job to student.

The result will be announced the next day 30. Those who are not selected will be automatically enrolled on the waiting list. Vacancies that are not occupied by the pre-selected students will be offered to the waiting list 4 July to 10 of August.

The FIES financing offers courses in private institutions at an interest rate of 6,5% per year. The percentage of the cost is set according to the commitment of the gross monthly household income per capita student. currently, 2,1 million students participate in the program.

Source: Agency Brazil

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