Sale of incandescent light bulbs are banned in the country from today

The inspection begins from tomorrow, 1st day.
30/06/2016 07h41 - Updated 30/06/2016 07h41
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Since today (30), It is prohibited the sale of incandescent bulbs in Brazil. The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) begins to monitor tomorrow (1º), through the Weights and Measures institutes (Ipem) state, outlets that still have available incandescent lamps with power 41watts (W) up until 60 W. Who does not comply with the law can be fined between US $ 100 and R $ 1,5 million.

The restriction has been established by the Interministerial 1.007/2010, in order to minimize waste in electricity consumption. A compact fluorescent bulb saves 75% compared to an incandescent lamp of equivalent light. If the option is for an LED lamp, this economy rises to 85%.

The exchange of incandescent bulbs in Brazil began in 2012, to ban the sale of lamps with more than 150W. In 2013, was the elimination of the power lamps between 60W and 100W. In 2014, it was the turn of 40W lamps to 60W. This year, also began to be banned the production and import of incandescent bulbs 25 W a 40 W, whose inspection will take place in 2017.


According to the head of the Brazilian Labeling Program (PBE) Inmetro, engineer Marcos Borges, surveillance has educational character, because traders were told about the ban since last year. "That is why, we understand that the impact is not sharp for traders, because they have already been instructed in this direction since the signing of the decree, in 2010."

Borges said, since the blackout 2001, Inmetro developed a Brazilian consumer education program, in which it shows that incandescent bulbs last less and consume much more energy than, for example, compact fluorescent lamp. "It was clear to the consumer that the compact fluorescent lamp was much more economical than incandescent."


he cited, for example, the case of a house with two rooms that would use in every room incandescent bulbs 60 W. "They generate value in a month of R $ 20 a R$ 25 to illuminate home. To exchange for a compact fluorescent lamp equivalent, this account would fall to R $ 4 or R $ 5 in just one month. Consumers understand this and, over time, You will already ceasing to use this material. "

Inmetro figures show that, in 2010, 70% of Brazilian homes were lit by incandescent. Now, only 30% of homes use this type of lamp, which can no longer be marketed in Brazil, following the recommendation of the International Energy Agency (OUCH).

Source: Agency Brazil

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