City Council Manaus: today councilwoman is Vilma Queiroz

Since its first election, in 2008, Vilma has gone through three different parties.
24/06/2016 12h10 - Updated 24/06/2016 12h10
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Vilma Florencio Queiroz, known only as Vilma Queiroz is the city council to be known on Friday (24). The parliamentarian is in his second term and since the beginning of his political career has switched parties three times.

Upon exchange trading parties, in September last year, Councilwoman changed the PROS governor Jose Melo by PHS, acronym of the Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto. When Vilma was elected councilor for the first time, in 2008, it was the Labour Party Christian (PTC). All exchanges were driven by 'convenience’ for ease at the time of the race for re-election. Not to mention that in 2010, Councilwoman ran for the office of state representative and not fulfill won his first term in the House.

One of the most popular bills in the parliamentary CMM is what gave rise to Law No. 2017/2015, which changed the name of 'Pond Japiim', located in the neighborhood of Japiim, South of the capital area to 'Pond Park Senator Arthur Virgílio Son (named after the father of the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto).

Fines for illegal advertising

In February 2011, Amazon Electoral Court (TRE-AM) Vilma ordered to pay $ 2 one thousand, referring to penalties for irregularities committed in the campaign 2010 . Irregularities were adesivados vehicles above that allowed by electoral law.

In the municipal elections 2012, o TRE-AM, through its Propaganda Supervisory Commission fined Councilwoman R $ 4,5 thousand due to irregularities during the campaign period of the same year. Vilma fixed plates in prohibited places and over four square meters. In another case she was accused of irregular advertising, as fixed in one place (residence), a total of four plate, besides painting the wall, which is prohibited by law.

salary councilors

Last year, the newspapers of the capital made several stories on a popular proposal that aimed to reduce the salaries of councilors. Many council members at the time were questioned and Vilma told a newspaper he did not think the councilor's salary so high. In her opinion, the value is proportional to the inherent parliamentary activities. The councilors of Manaus currently earn R $ 15 one thousand.

The city council followed the argument of the majority of parliamentarians from CMM, who argued that a reduction to occur, this would need to start in the major spheres, obeying the order 'senators, congressmen, state legislators and only then reach the pocket of Aldermen.

Vilma was also accused last year of practicing nepotism, to employ in his office relatives.
The city council is cleared in the work in the House, little speaks

What do you think the city council Vilma Queiroz. She deserves to be re-elected?

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