City Council Manaus: Councilman today is Fabricio Lima

Fabricio is licensed acting secretary of sport. In 2003, It was spotted getting large sum of money.
29/06/2016 08h43 - Updated 29/06/2016 08h43
Photo: Tiago Correa/CMM

Councilman Fabricio Lima (SDD), which is currently licensed, occupying the position of state sports secretary, the invitation of Governor Jose Melo (PROS) It is the councilor who will be known on Wednesday (29). The MP is in his third term at City Hall of Manaus (CMM), but he has served as councilor for four terms because in 2001, when substitute assumed starting place when he was affiliated with the PL.

In September 2003, Councilman was the target of several critics and became well known after circulating on the Internet a video in which it appears getting large sum of money and keeping the 'volumes’ in his pants and jacket pocket. in pictures, Fabricio appears inside a room talking to an unknown man. It was not established whether the money had illicit origin or was bribery in favor of a particular case in the Town Hall.

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Conviction and fine

Fabricio has been twice holder of the Municipal Youth, Sports and leisure (Semjen), in 2010 is at 2013. In March this year, the Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM) reproached the accounts relating to the year 2013 the former secretary and parliamentary fined R $ 8,8 thousand irregularities. Some of the irregularities pointed out by the agency were, non routing documents which would conclusively prove the performance of services and delivery of materials, indicating date, Local and monitoring by designated servers for evidence of events.

Because of the conviction in 2013, Fabricio is on the list of ineligible published by TEC-AM, which could derail his candidacy if he were to run for re-election this year. The application record of the current clerk could be denied. A new list was released this week by the agency and the name of Fabrizio remains on the list of ineligible.

Problems with the prosecution

Still in the year 2013, prosecutors Amazonas State (MP-AM) received whistleblowing in hiring a company for Semjel. The company had been hired by Fabricio with bidding waiver, to carry out the III Copa Brazil Beach of Soccerem Clubs in Manaus.

With this enviable political history, Fabricio deserves to be re-elected?

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