City Council Manaus: today Alderman Isaac is Tayah

When the president of CMM, Isaac tried to acquire an electronic voting panel for R $ 990 thousand and was barred by TEC-AM.
22/06/2016 12h56 - Updated 22/06/2016 12h56
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Councilman we meet on Wednesday (22), Isaac is Tayah (PSDC), doctor, Councilman five times Manaus and currently is part of the Steering Committee of the Manaus City Hall (CMM) occupying the post of First Secretary. Isaac, when president of CMM, in the year of 2012, tried by bidding buy a new voting panel of R $ 990 one thousand, which it was considered illegal by the Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM).

The organ by Yara Lins adviser scored seven irregularities in the bidding process, between them, the lack of detail of the cost of the qualification of the winning company, as well as carrying out the process on 19 from November, date declared optional point. In addition to the existence of lower values ​​prevailing in the market in relation to the winning bid, the company Imply Electronic Technology Ltd..

The TCE-AM considered that the conclusion and execution of the contract could result in damage to the Public Vaults. A comparison was made of electronic billboards values ​​adquirids in other states and it was found that the value of the panel that would be purchased for the House was superior. The values ​​of other panels were R $ 466,6 one thousand, R$ 514,2 thousand and R $ 348 one thousand.

Tayah appealed trying to reverse the decision of TCE-AM, but the appeal was denied by the counselor Julio Cabral, keeping the decision considered illegal hiring. The MP was sentenced to pay a fine of R $ 8,7 thousand due to the takeover attempt.

The TCE-AM also said the company's hiring process was carried out on a day of optional point, hindering the participation of other companies and Isaac stated to the press, that there was no irregularity in hiring, stating that the only company who attended the proceedings before the day was Imply Technology, referred to serious.


In February this year, Alderman was convicted of improper conduct by the illegal accumulation of public office. Isaac was sentenced by Judge Leoney Figliuolo, the 2nd Court of the State Treasury.

Tayah kept Secretary of State Social Assistance, Regina Fernandes as technique in CMM and she received the two positions. The councilor and secretary presented requests for clarification against the decision.

illegal donations

The Parliament was also ordered to pay $ 20 thousand related to unidentified source in campaign donations 2014. He has presented many resources trying to reverse the decision of the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM).

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