City Council Manaus: Today councilor is Reizo Castelo Branco

Reizo, which was already votes champion has a history of being champion in faults in the City Hall of Manaus.
20/06/2016 09h54 - Updated 20/06/2016 09h54
Photo: Tiago Correa/CMM

One of the top rated Manaus councilors in elections carries in his political life history of the brand to be one of the parliamentarians who lack more plenary sessions in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), his name is Reizo Castelo Branco (PTB), son of former Congressman Sabino Castelo Branco and former state Rep Vera Castelo Branco.

Reizo is in the second term and holds the position of Second Secretary of CMM, composing the Presiding Officers of the Legislative House. Lets go to what matters.

The MP maintains historical 'defaulter’ since his first term. In the year of 2010, Reizo was featured on Amazon press as the absence of champion in the House, totalizing 25 faults during the course of the year. In 2014, Councilman was again what else missed the plenary sessions, with 33 absences and 81 attendance.

Last year, Councilman decreased absences index, but continued among the absentees. Based on a survey conducted in the CMM site, Reizo appears in the fourth position among the councilors who missed more sessions, recording a total of 18 faults. In this year, Councilman already justified absence in six sessions.

Each unexcused absence are discounted R $ 751,59 the salary of R $ 15.031,77 parliamentary, therefore the councilors missing if impregnate to justify his absences.

The Internal Rules of the House, councilors have six ways to justify absence from work. Are they, lack justified by medical certificate which is represented by the symbol 'AJ1'; by the 'force majeure' AJ2 ', the absence justified by license to service or legislative representation mission, maternity, paternity or adoption, which is represented by the symbol 'AJ3' and finally the excused absence when the alderman are replacing interim chief executive, that is, the mayor of the capital, registrada pelo 'AJ4'. In addition to these, It has the naked Unlicensed (without pay) and leave with burden (with compensation).

Problems with the law
In February 2012, the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM) It has Reizo and Sabino ineligible for eight years for misuse of the media and abuse of economic power. The two were accused of using the program “Voice of Hope’ in electioneering benefit in campaign 2010.

Father and son were able to, by way of appeal in the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), reverse the situation 2014, getting rid of ineligibility.

Another factor that draws attention in the history of public life Reizo White Castle is the growth in a short time the assets declared to the IRS.

In the year of 2012, Alderman declared almost R $ 534 one thousand, while on 2008 he had declared only has the company RRS and Trade Representation Food Products, Drink and Tobacco Ltd., estimated at R $ 19,5 one thousand. This means that only four, the heritage of the parliamentary grew 2.639%, and he was still in the first councilor mandate.

With this impeccable record he deserves to be re-elected??

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