In order to reduce early school leaving, Seduc launches the project "Parents gifts, efficient students "

Initially, the project will be developed in 48 schools located in areas east and north.
24/06/2016 07h58 - Updated 24/06/2016 13h37
Photo: Press Release / Seduc

In order to reduce dropout rates, the State Department of Education (Seduc) this week launched the project "Parents gifts, efficient students ". Coordinated by the Program Management, Projects and Customer Service School (Geppae) the Seduc, the project, initially, It will be developed in 48 state schools located in the eastern and northern areas of Manaus and seeks to sensitize parents and guardians on the importance of taking the role and responsibility in the school life of their children, actively monitoring their activities within the school.

The project has a partnership with Child Protection Council, the Court of Childhood and Youth Civil, Amazonas State Prosecutor, Amazonas State Public Defender, Station Protection Specialized in Children and Adolescents (depc), Municipal Secretary of Education (semed) and Municipal Women and Human Rights (Semmasdh).

According to Program Manager, Projects and Service to the School of Seduc, Adriana Boh, the project will strengthen the actions and combating evasion and desertion. "The school leaving is a problem that compromises the educational development of students. This project, through a broad campaign and partnership activities with institutions such as community councils, the Seduc aims to strengthen the policy of preventing school dropout ", God informs Adriana.

Among the activities that will be part of the project are: mapping and identification of the reasons that lead students to truancy; visits to the homes of students who are identified as infrequent in their schools; referral of cases identified bodies responsible, among other actions.

According to Executive Assistant Secretary Capital Seduc, Nazareth Vicentim, sensitization of parents is essential to help reduce dropout rates. "According to data 2015, state public schools recorded an index 3,9% truancy in elementary school and about 12% in high school. The purpose of this work is to reduce these rates and it is important for parents to assist this work, participating in the school life of their children and encouraging them to consider to ensure a successful future ", said Nazareth Vicentim.

Family and School

For the management of state school Cacilda Braule Pinto, located in the east of Manaus, mobilizing families will be one of the project differential. "The project has great prospects, as it directly promotes the participation of parents in the school life of their children. This monitoring is essential to student learning. In our school, already we've been doing a family approach work and the dropout rate fell from 13,5% for 5,6% and our goal is to decrease increasingly ", He informed the management.

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