Zeze Di Camargo Wesley teases safadão on social network

Country was criticized for traveling on a commercial flight and, in the heat of discussion with fans, safadão left for what was called emerging.
25/06/2016 13h15 - Updated 25/06/2016 13h15
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Zeze Di Camargo does not seem to get tired of hitting mouth with fans on the Internet. In the last episode, occurred on Thursday(23), He left up to the singer Wesley safadão, what, on the spur of the moment, It was named “emergent” by sertanejo. It all started when Zeze was criticized by a follower to post a photo on Instagram he appeared in a commercial plane, towards Santo Antônio de Jesus, in Bahia. “Or Zilu took you a lot of money or you are every day more cow hand. You, an artist, You have to have a jet equal to Wesley safadão or go first class”, commented one.

The ex-husband Zilu did not like being compared to safadão and let the verb. “First: you have it? Second: there is no first class on domestic flight. My brother and I have a private plane, but which the travel problem, when you think you should, on a commercial flight? We are people like everyone”, wrote. “And other, when Wesley safadão became successful, I was doing was 23 years. Artist when you start to success is how: only goes jet, Ferrari, luxury boat etc. You know that word 'emerging'? I have also gone through this phase.”

From there, the photo of Zeze rocked comments from safadão fans angry with the backcountry. “Zeze, accepts that hurts less. It's time to retire, will enjoy life, you do not sing as before. The neck veins burst only missing”, He wrote one person. “Which is, Zeze, nothing to see snipe the safadão. had barely”, said another.

To try to end the controversy, Zeze returned to Instagram on the morning of Friday and gave a textão. “I will not be hypocritical and talk and do what people think I have to do. (…) No use come to insult me ​​with untruths or lack of knowledge, I will not let cheap. Far from me to be controversial. Instagram is mine and I do not mean to anyone. Before being an artist, I am a human being and I do not give it! If you like me so, Welcome. If no, not to come here. Here is a place of truth and people of good.”

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