The magazine, Sabrina Sato talks about fame: "The famous Sabrina walks over heels and anonymous Sabrina walks over scuff"

Sabrina also said, who since childhood wanted to be host.
28/07/2016 09h49 - Updated 28/07/2016 09h49
Photo: Zee Nunes / MF Advisory

No next day 5 August comes the stalls the second edition of the Magazine in Rio, which brings as the cover star presenter Sabrina Sato.

Sabrina squandered charm and elegance in rehearsal for the publication and opened the game on various topics.

The director of publication, the host, model and actor Junior Provesi commented how it interviewed Sabrina Sato and witness the resourcefulness of "Jap" dearest of Brazil before the flashes.

“When Sabrina began shooting, I was too anxious, I wanted to see the results of photos, even though they would be beautiful, always gives one goose bumps, not least because treatment each edition as a child, we create with love; and I can not wait to see more of my children on newsstands (laughs), even being a woman as beautiful and talented as Sabrina Sato”, Junior account Provesi.

In an interview with publication Sabrina commented the fact that he realized the dream of being host and that always fought for it: "I've always been very persistent and fought for my dreams ... From an early age wanted to be host and never gave up. I love very much what I do and I'm proud of my career. "

The presenter also talked about the achievements obtained in life, even at an early age.

"I am very grateful for everything I have ... I am surrounded by wonderful people, I'm healthy and I'm very happy professionally. I have to thank ", says Sabrina.

During a interview, when asked about the differences between Sabrina Sato Famous and anonymous Sabrina Sato, the presenter has not lost his usual good mood and showed much sympathy and humility in his response.

"Anyone who knows me really, You know that it has not much difference. (laughs). Sabrina famous walks over heels and anonymous Sabrina walks over scuff, but the essence of both is the same ", Sabrina Sato finished.

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