JEAs opening is marked by emotion and brings together more than three thousand athletes in the Arena Amadeu Teixeira

In this ocasion, It was the parade of 200 educational institutions.
20/07/2016 17h38 - Updated 20/07/2016 17h38
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The symbol of marriage between people, the lighting of the Olympic cauldron, He gave start on the morning of Wednesday, day 20, the final stage of the 39th Amazonas School Games (JEAs). The opening ceremony of the largest interscholastic tournament status occurred in the Amadeu Teixeira Arena, in Flores neighborhood, Centro-Sul, and gathered, average, three thousand people. In this ocasion, It was the parade of 200 educational institutions, which was packed by the fanfare of the State School Senador Petronio Portella. The event is organized by the Government of Amazonas, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel) and the State Department of Education (Seduc).

"It was a beautiful opening, worthy of the importance of the Games for the community and represented very well what the competition works, which is the interaction and inclusion of people. We will give full support for athletes, It has hundreds of them already staying in the Olympic Village of Manaus, and we will ensure the visit of the classified JEAs for Youth School Games (HER)”, said the owner of Sejel, Fabricio Lima.

The final contest in the capital, participate this year JEAs a total of 32 municipalities and, average, three thousand public school students, private and federal, that dispute 16 modalities, and 11 individual and five in teams, are they: Athletics, Badminton, basketball, Biking, Futsal, Rhythmic gymnastics, Handball, Judo, Olympic fight, Swimming, Table tennis, Volleyball Court, Beach volleyball, Chess, Jiu-Jitsu and Football.

Competition – This Wednesday, day 20, the race for the podium began to 13h with the dispute of Futsal, Arena Amadeu Teixeira. This Thursday, 21, Step In Athletics, Chess, Volleyball and Handball (attached table). The competition runs until 30 July and categories are available child (from 9 a 11 years) and youth (from 15 a 17)."We are happy with the start of the Games, receiving many inside the athletes and to offer new this year, as the dispute of two new types, football and jujitsu. We started selective in May and worked with over 100 thousand students, in 61 municipalities and six interior poles. Every passing day, This work consolidates more with the team Sejel, Seduc ", said the coordinator of JEAs, Lilian Valente.

To the state secretary of education, Algemiro Ferreira, the opening of the event reflects the success of the Games. "Since the selective JEAs, we 61 counties, it was possible to imagine the success that would be the final phase and, actually, the opening is noted that, with the participation, wt, from the students. I appreciate the commitment and partnership of all and desire a competition ", highlighted.

Torch Relay
One of the most anticipated moments of the opening of the Games was the torch relay, who was in charge of five athletes of Wrestling, all have received gold medal for the competition last year. Tácila Lopes, Raisa Pimentel, Jessica Victoria, Felipe Santana made back in the Arena Amadeu Teixeira and Paulo Arthur Felix lit the pyre, taking the audience into a frenzy.

"I am thrilled, nervous, it is a great responsibility to participate in this time. When I lit the pyre, I had the same feeling when I can win a gold medal. I will never forget this moment more and I'm sure this will give me luck to win again the gold ", said Arthur, 15, who last year won the highest place on the podium by category 54 Kg of Wrestling and the third by JEBs (current JEJ).

Focus on the podium
One of the teams that is looking to stand out by JEAs is to Novo Aripuana, a 1.211,6 kilometers from Manaus. facing 36 hours boat, the delegation of 28 boys came to Manaus face the the Handball disputes, Futsal, Table Tennis and Weight Throw. "It's a long journey, wearisome, but very worth it for us, as part of the Games is very proud for all of us. It is not easy to take care of so many young, especially when we are in the boat transition, but with discipline and respect we can have good relationship ", said the responsible team, Professor Marcio Botelho.

For the new-aripuanense, Felipe Benedito, 13 years, this will be the chance to win the second gold by JEAs. The first was in billed 2015, by Weight Throw. "I'm very looking forward to the competitions, since when I left Novo Aripuana, but confident the second consecutive title. Last year I made the mark 28 meters and this year, training a lot, I improved my performance and I do 32 a 33 meters for Youth and, like this, go to the Youth Games ", said the athlete, that winning wave to the JEJ will make his first national competition.

Student of Full-Time Education Center (CETI) CMPM 7, Jackeline Liz account that will debut in the Games by the Court Volleyball and is facing with responsibility the mission of representing your school well. "We have a very good expectation for competitions. I had accompanied the games last year, when my school participated, but the goose bumps to be here to compete is very good and different ", commented.

Besides the parade of all participating schools, the opening of JEAs also included presentations of the CETI Cheerleaders Gilberto Mestrinho, and gymnasts Educational Center Adalberto Valle. Another important moment was the oath of the athlete, made by the representative Matheus Matos, 13, Parintins. "This moment is serious for us athletes and represents our commitment to sport. I'm thrilled ", he said, who will compete in the Youth Handball.

Selective for JEJ
The Children's category JEAs champions compete for the Youth School Games (HER) in João Pessoa, in Paraiba, between the days 20 a 29 of September. Already winners of the Youth category will compete in the same edition of the tournament in November, the same capital, from 10 a 19 from November.

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