OAB-AM action will apply in Fine Moral rights violators of people with disabilities

People to park in vacant aimed at disabled person may be punished with a fine moral.
05/07/2016 12h10 - Updated 5/07/2016 12h12
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The status of the person with disabilities celebrates one year on Wednesday (6). To celebrate the date, the Order of Lawyers of Brazil Sectional Amazon (OAB-AM) He made no Saturday, day 9 July, at 8:30 am, or Fine Moral – project in which the institution will carry out an inspection at the Port of Manaus, in downtown. The action checks and draw the attention of violators of the rights of disabled.

Mobilization is conducted by OAB-AM by Defence Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, chaired by lawyer Nancy Segadilha. according to her, the task force on site it is a response to the allegations made in the Order.

"We choose to go to the city center, more specifically in Oporto, because the embarkation and disembarkation of persons with disabilities has happened inhumanely. We want to show society as it is harmful to those who need and how you can pay attention to these rules ", said.

Nancy pointed out that, to find an infringement of the rights of disabled, the commission of lawyers apply the so-called moral fines.

"We will draw the attention of that person for that offense is not repeated. We'll be watching for problems like parking spot for people with disabilities, ramp block and places that are not suitable ", he explained.

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