Accused of harassment journalist MC Biel mocks and sings in celebration: ''re Gostosinha, break you in half '

It seems that the controversy has not shaken the singer charges.
28/07/2016 12h55 - Updated 28/07/2016 12h55
Photo: reproduction

in May, funkeiro MC Biel was accused of harassment against Giulia Pereira reporter, do site IG. During an interview, he would have called the journalist "gostosinha" and said that "break in the middle". It seems that the controversy has not shaken the singer charges, he attended the birthday party of actress Gabi Lopes on Tuesday (26) when she sang on stage "tá gostosinha, break you in half ".

Professional filed a lawsuit against artist. After major negative repercussions, Biel even published a video in which he apologized to journalist. But this week he mocked the situation and repeated these expressions while singing with Mc Nego Do Borel in party Gabi Lopez.

The video in which he sings the phrase "tá gostosinha, break you in half "was released by youtuber Jade Seba, that was in place. "I learned not? sent malzão. I lost my respect ", Jade wrote on Snapchat.

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