Adalberto Valle gets the title of the first Amazonense the shift Handball

The team won the Santa Etelvina by 36 a 32.
11/07/2016 10h26 - Updated 11/07/2016 10h26
Photo: Mauro Neto / Sejel

The Valle Adalberto team won the Cup Laércio Ramos, the first round of the Championship Amazonense adult Handball to win the Santa Etelvina by 36 a 32, on Friday night, day 8, Gym in Poliesportivo Renné Monteiro, in São Geraldo neighborhood, Central South zone of Manaus. The competition receives Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

Exciting from start to finish, the grand finale left fans of both euphoric teams that accompanied the "war" to stay ahead on the scoreboard. After the victory of Santa Etelvina by a score of 17 a 16 after the first time, Adalberto Valle knew around the situation, He got upset and raised the cup to mark 36 a 32.

"The girls were very strong, They were very 'head' and throughout this week we work this issue and the result came with the title of the first round ", said coach Adalberto Valle, Erinaldo Santos, extolling the achievements of the group. "Thank God we are treading a positive path, We were runners-up last year in the Amazon Cup, we now vice of the Brazil Cup and won the first round of Amazonense. The athletes are to be congratulated ", celebrated.

On top of the former club

Former athlete Santa Etelvina, the left-back, Sabrina Souza, 22, changed the team North Zone by the team of the Central South Zone at the beginning of the year. The exchange made in the "transfer window" was successful. Besides the title, young side was chosen as the best player Cup. "It is the result of training and hard work. This result of best player is the set. We have developed a strong working and that title is theirs and the best player also ", said the happy athlete, saying there is no kind of extra rivalry court with the girls from former team. "It is a very strong team. We met, we're friends off the court, but it was a tough game ", he stressed.

Train is third

Tight in the first half, calmer no end. With distinct stages, South America won the Nilton Lins by 30 a 22. The gap of eight points was achieved only in the second half, after the train tie the game and turn the match in the first half, who finished 13 a 10.
The victory left the Gloria district Train in third place.

Break or JEAS

Due to the realization of Amazonas School Games (Jeas), the beginning of the second round of the competition will start only in August.

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