Amendment asking Cunha cassation review is already rapporteur feature in CCJ

Fonseca, which is Cunha feature Rapporteur on CCJ is meeting in the House.
08/07/2016 13h31 - Updated 8/07/2016 13h31
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Already in the hands of Mr Ronaldo Fonseca (PROS-DF) the amendment presented by Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) which calls for the handling of his impeachment process in the Council of Ethics is reviewed, considering the resignation of the mayor, announced on Thursday (7). Fonseca, which is wedge feature of the rapporteur in the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) from home, It is gathered in the House, aides do not confirm whether it can rule today.

The opinion on the appeal was filed on Wednesday (7). Fonseca upheld one of 16 points listed by Eduardo Cunha questioning the conduct of, and voted for the resumption of the voting process on the board. According to him, the college could not have made the roll call vote with individual manifestation of each parliamentary. The text would be discussed and voted from Monday (11), but, with the addition, the chairman, Osmar Serraglio (PMDB-PR), She decided to suspend and reschedule for the next day (12).

Opponents of the PMDB try a move to the session back to the date originally scheduled. Alessandro Molon (Network RJ) He said it is already gathering signatures in the House to hold the meeting Monday, more or document, you need a third of collegiate signatures, It has more symbolic effect than practical, as it would need to be approved by a simple majority of the CCJ in a session already scheduled.

While the wedge term situation is not defined, the Chamber of corridors continue the negotiations on a new name that will succeed him in charge of the House. Already registered as candidates in the General Secretariat of the Bureau are the deputies Carlos Henrique Gaguim (PTN-TO), Fausto Pinato (PP-SP) - That was the first rapporteur of the case against Cunha in the Council of Ethics - and Carlos Mantao (SD-ES), which is the current mayor of the House. Former Minister of Health of the government Dilma Marcelo Castro (PMDB-PI) also recorded candidacy to run for president.

The temporary position, which will be occupied by February next year, also excites the 2nd Vice President of the Chamber, Giacobo (PR PR), which is already garnering support, especially PT, You do not want a name near Cunha. On another front, one of the main allies of the PMDB, Carlos Marun (PMDB-MS), announced that it will register your name in the coming hours to join the contest.

The full list of candidates will be completed at noon on Thursday (14), date set by the interim chairman of the House, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA), also for the election in plenary. The impasse is that leaders of several parties met yesterday, In the end of the day, and defined the day 12 for choosing. Maranhão reiterated today that his decision is that worth, but some lawmakers are still trying to convince him to bring forward the date. several Members, between them, Julio Delgado, Alessandro Molon, Rodrigo Maia, Pauderney Avelino and Heraclitus Fortes met on Friday with pepista, in his office, but until the early afternoon Maranhão had not indented.

After receiving the deputies in his office, Maranhão left the Chamber reiterating its position. Held the meeting on Thursday (14), at 16h, the PT does not fear lack of quorum. “According to the regiment, the president has the prerogative [setting the date for new elections within up to five sessions]. You have quorum because MPs want elections”, he said.

The government leader in the House, André Moura, ensured that Temer government will not interfere in the selection process of the new chairman of the House. “The orientation of the president is that this is a matter of legislative. There was and there will be no government interference”.

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