Amazon indigenous villages receive campaign for medical care

The forecast is hold about 300 surgery and more 2 thousand specialized care.
14/07/2016 08h49 - Updated 14/07/2016 08h49
Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brazil

Near 2 thousand Indians living in 123 villages, in the Amazon, They shall be met until next Saturday (16/07), for health task force. Action is a partnership of the Indigenous Health Department (SESAI) Ministry of Health, through the Special Indigenous Sanitary District (DSEI) Parintins, and Expedicionários Health (EDS), non-governmental organization that has 14 years carries humanitarian work in indigenous communities in northern Brazil. The forecast is hold about 300 surgery and more 2 thousand specialized care.

To carry out visits, a physical structure was built in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, which has operating rooms and space for performing ultrasound examinations. Also participating in the initiative, the Ministry of Defence, National Indian Foundation (Funai), Municipal Health Department in Parintins, Berrerinhas e Mués, in addition to the existing indigenous communities in the region, through their chiefs and chiefs.

“Besides, practically, zerarmos queues for general and ophthalmic surgeries among our indigenous almost 120 villages in the region, We expect also to carry over 2 thousand specialized care in dentistry areas, general clinic, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics”, said the coordinator of the Special Indigenous Sanitary District (DSEI) Parintins, Paula Rodrigues.

The task force has volunteer logistics teams and health and the investments made by the federal government and other supporters. "For this task force in Umirituba, for example, was conducted, we put our teams DSEIs in the area since the month of February, to make the visits 12 Polos Health Base, talk to chiefs and leaders, and perform a pre-screening to measure the quantity of Indians to be operated or serviced in the task force ", Paula explains.

According to her, the expedition's logistical support is also in charge of DSEIs Parintins, particularly with regard to the transport, accommodation and meals for indigenous patients who are displaced from different parts of the district to the Polo Base where the shipment is.

"This demand, for example, as well as professionals in the area and fuel, rental large boats with capacity to transport up 150 people. this expedition, we provide all the structure of boats and DSEIs of boats and rent four of these boats to bring patients from different regions, as Maués ", said Paula Rodrigues.

The assembly of the infrastructure also required integration between professionals working in logistics, sanitation and attention DSEIs, in addition to the Indigenous Health Agents (RETURN) and Sanitation (AISAN). They were responsible for ensuring the necessary adjustments in school receiving the task force, such as the construction of the shed to the surgical center, accommodations for patients and volunteers, bathrooms and walkways to transport patients between one area and another. The Brazilian Army, through Border Squad region, It operates in the river transport of inputs for operation.

HUMANITARIAN ACTION – In 35 issues, since 2004, teams of Health Expedicionários – EDS have made more than six thousand surgeries and over 35 thousand specialized care. The area covered by the actions of volunteers is equivalent to the territory of France, while the vast majority of demarcated indigenous lands.

This edition takes place in Parintins, the expedition carried out the delivery of glasses after ophthalmologic consultations. By the end of the expedition, near 1000 Indians will be included with the delivery of glasses, that will help improve the quality of life of those who live in the forest.

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