ALE-AM Veto tips and keeps forgiveness police and fire strikers

Amnesty benefit about 500 military officers who participated in the demonstrations in April 2014.
14/07/2016 11h50 - Updated 14/07/2016 12h01
Photo: OF-AM

The Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM) took down, unanimously, to compose 19 votes, Veto or No 13/2016 Governor Jose Melo, the proposed Law No. 324/2015, that nullifies the administrative acts, and given punishments against police officers and firefighters who participated in the demonstrations and strikes for better working conditions, and salary increase. With the overthrow of the veto the law will be enacted, granting pardon, all military personnel who respond to processes for participating in the demonstrations in the Amazon.

During the vote, Mr Soares Platiny (THE) author of the proposal, and Mr Serafim Correa (PSD), They recalled that a similar proposal was approved in Congress, vetoed by President Dilma Rousseff (PT), but veto was also shot down when he returned to the Federal Parliament.

“If Parliament decided on this, only now it is up to the Supreme Court to decide whether this law is unconstitutional or not. Meanwhile, It has no reason to keep this veto”, said Serafim.

partial figures indicate that at least 500 police special forces of the Amazon Military Police, as Ronda Ostensive Cândido Mariado (Rocam), They are responding to administrative proceedings requesting the expulsion of PM, because of the April mobilizations 2014. According Platiny Soares, this number could reach more than 2 thousand police officers throughout the Amazon, who are at risk of losing their jobs.

The Military Code prohibits members of corporations to make collective protests or movements strike, as well as punishes insubordination. The amnesty will benefit police officers and firefighters who participated in demonstrations in the past two years.

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