Besides Gleisi, Senator Vanessa husband also has problems with the law

Married to Vanessa Grazziotin, Eron Bezerra has suspended political rights.
09/07/2016 13h12 - Updated 9/07/2016 13h12
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Senator Gleisi Hoffmann (PT-PR) It is not the only member of the opposition to the interim government whose husband has trouble with the law. In the beginning of the month, the husband of Vanessa Grazziotin Senator (PCdoB-AM), Eron Bezerra, had political rights suspended for eight years after a decision of the Amazon Justice.

Bezerra - which was state deputy for five consecutive mandates (1991 a 2010) - He was convicted of improper conduct charges of illegally hiring subcontractors services for activities that could be performed by servers when he was Secretary of State for Rural Production. Two days after conviction, Bezerra was released by the pre-candidate PCdoB to Manaus Prefecture.

In addition to the suspension of political rights, Bezerra was fined more than US $ 1 million. Former deputy challenged the decision, stating that the Secretariat's accounts were already approved by the Court of the State, but the prosecutor requested a review and, then, He rejected the contract accounts.

- The connotation of the process is political. More than 60 years of office, I was the only one to make a public tender for the body. I hope it is not a purely electoral issue. I will appeal and I hope zeal of Justice - said Bezerra.

The senator said he does not get involved in her husband's legal problems:

- That's his problem. I have many problems to take care.

Source: The globe

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