Customs in the AM auction makes iPhones, motorcycle parts and computer items

consultation 29 lots can be made until Tuesday (26). Aduana hopes to raise R $ 798 thousand with finials.
25/07/2016 17h53 - Updated 26/07/2016 07h58
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Customs Port of Manaus held until Tuesday (26) the second auction 2016. The 29 lots of goods for stakeholder analysis are available. Will be auctioned parts and parts for motorcycles, tissues, iPhones 6, digital cameras, umbrellas, pans, lanterns, computer items, fans and other products.

The complete list of goods, batch 1 a 29, It can be seen in the Auction Notice, available for consultation on the IRS website, no link “Auction” in Section “Track and refer to Electronic Auction Notices”, Notice 0210200/001/2016 - Santarém.

The examination of the interested parties can be made from 8 am to 11:30 am and from 14h to 16h30 (Manaus time).

Local Customs expects to collect a minimum amount of R $ 798 thousand if all lots are auctioned. In the first auction of the year 2016, which occurred in March, Customs Port of Manaus collected R $ 1,34 million.

The goods are bidding 29 lots, It is the highest valued at R $ 382 one thousand, composed of parts and pieces of welding equipment (lot 2), and the lowest evaluated at R $ 239,00, cables comprising strength (lot 1). The remaining lots are made up of garments, toothbrush, lamps, tubes for motorcycle tires, molding machines for plastic injection, parts and accessories for motorcycles and other goods.

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