Cunha's favorite ally to succeed him as president of the Chamber

Rosso emerged as favorite, to have the support of Cunha, the so-called “Centrão” and friendliness of Planalto Palace.
08/07/2016 15h44 - Updated 11/07/2016 15h56
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Party leaders articulate elect the successor of Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) in charge of the House vote on Tuesday (12), unlike forecast interim chairman of the House, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA), who came to mark session for two days.

At least 12 circulating names as candidates, five harder: Rogério Rosso (PSD-DF), Osmar Serraglio (PMDB-PR), whale Rossi (PMDB-SP), Fernando Giacobo (PR PR) e Beto Mansur (PRB-SP).

Until the night of Thursday, Rosso emerged as favorite, to have the support of Cunha, the so-called “Centrão” (Group PP deputies, PR, PTB, PSD e PRB), and friendliness of Planalto Palace.

The chosen will direct the Chamber for a “term buffer”, by 1 February next year, without the possibility of re-election.

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As the understanding of the General Secretariat of the Board, the new president can be elected at the meeting convened by the leaders on Tuesday, which would harm the scheduled vote two days later by Maranhão.

Serraglio and Whale have the strength to be the PMDB, most seats House, but they would be willing to forego dispute a change in mandate buffer of an application in February 2017.

The government of interim president, Michel Temer (PMDB), also toparia this strategy to ensure the support of “Centrão” not important guidelines to second half. It is against this backdrop that the name of Roger Rosso, who has been acting governor of the Federal District, wide front.

Speaking to reporters hours after the resignation of Cunha, Rosso, who presided over the impeachment committee Dilma Rousseff in the House, adopted speech that is not a candidate, though, backstage, few doubt it.

He spoke the need for a “consensus candidate” Fearing the base and argued that elections should take place as soon as possible to “avoid a split in the governing coalition”.

Besides the five most highly rated, arise in the race names like Julio Delgado (PSB-MG), Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) and Carlos Manato (SD-ES).

Defeated in the election that chose Cunha last year, Delgado started the political talks to define a possible candidacy, I wish he still takes in public.

He said the interlocutors on Wednesday (6) consulted 20 closer parliamentary, of which 14 they said, according to him, You should now launch for the term buffer.

During the work of the Council of Ethics, Delgado made open opposition to the then chairman of the House.

He was third in the race against Cunha in 2015, with 100 votes.

In this ocasion, the PMDB was elected with 267 votes, Against 136 data Arlindo Chinaglia (PT-SP), candidate supported by Dilma.

The dispute Cunha away from the Presidential Palace and the PMDB, since then, He began to create problems for the government of the PT.

Delgado said the interlocutors, to be elected, your support group, formed by his own party, o PSB, More PPS, PDT, a part of the PSDB, a PT and other PC do B, You should have the ability to obtain the so-called helpful “Centrão”, formed by 12 parties over 290 parliamentary.

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