AM may have 'Court Specializing in Business Affairs'

The proposal is an indication Alderman Everaldo Farias to Amazon Court.
04/07/2016 11h25 - Updated 4/07/2016 11h25
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The Municipality of Manaus (CMM) approved indication n ° 460/2016 to the Amazon Court (TJAM) to create the Specialized Court in Business Affairs. Proposed by Councillor Everaldo Farias (PV), the measure aims to give more speed to the processing of cases involving matters related to business activity in the State.

according Everaldo, the Specialized Court ensure dynamism to the great complexity of business law. Besides that, he said the Court, is deployed, would speed the negotiations and economic relations generating more simplicity to this type of process. "We know that entrepreneurs already suffer the large bureaucracy of opening and maintenance of a legal person and the concentration of these processes in a specialized chamber would help them resolve legal issues in a more dynamic way, contributing to the promotion of business and, mainly, for job creation ", scored the parliamentary.

Asked if the measure does not entail expenses increases for the Judiciary, going through financial problems, Councilman explained Everaldo: "The creation of the Special Court for Business Affairs would be a bureaucratic and organizational issue, because the court can use its own structure to implement the department, giving momentum to the current work process analysis of this segment ".

distinct processes

The Parliament emphasizes that today is the same judge incabível, for example, Judging efficiently and timely, in the same period, an appeal in divorce action and an interlocutory appeal in judicial recovery of an entrepreneur.

He also points out that since the extinction of Trade Courts in Brazil with the unification of jurisdiction, which made the competent ordinary courts to assess the commercial law, there are few examples of specialized justice, fast and effective to resolve conflicts of legal business nature.

"The expertise in business law, the judiciary is an undeniable natural process, as it has happened in other sectors, the family courts, Childhood and youth, public and environmental farm. Our proposal meets desires of Amazonian entrepreneurs, employees and the whole society. This is a reflection of a process that accompanies the changes in society ", pondered Everaldo.

Examples in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo are examples of the implementation of the Special Court on the subject can bring positive results for the whole society.

In Rio de Janeiro, since 2001, existing sticks Bankruptcies and Concordats passed judging other matters, as Maritime Trade, Corporate Law and Intellectual Property, opportunity they were called Sticks Business.

currently, there is the County's capital city seven sticks Business, which also focused actions relating to arbitration and have jurisdiction over including class actions relating to consumer law, in accordance with the Code of Organisation and division Judiciary.

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