Amazon concentrates 73% of tuberculosis cases in Brazil

The alarming figures were presented during the 1st Seminar on Actions and Control of Disease.
04/07/2016 17h58 - Updated 4/07/2016 17h58
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The Amazon records, average, four cases of tuberculosis per day, It is the state with the highest concentration of patients in the country, with 73% two cases. The alarming figures were presented during the 1st Seminar on Actions and Control of Disease, held Saturday (2), the Ministry of Health (Manaus center).

The event aimed to assess the existing actions and answer questions about the challenges for TB control. President of the Joint Parliamentary Front for Fighting and Protection of the Rights of Persons with STD / HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis, State Representative Luiz Castro (NETWORK) It estimated that the event was conducive an excellent initiative for future public policy. "Tuberculosis has been growing silently due to poor conditions of food and hygiene. We need to fight the disease taking advantage of the good examples that the Amazon has already achieved, as in the case of leprosy ", pointed Luiz Castro.

Representative congratulated the work of the Health Ministry, concerned with the issue, and stressed that the Front should be made official before the parliamentary recess, in 15 July.

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Manaus, dom Sérgio Castriani, He said that we need solidarity and commitment to disease. "I remember that, in the childhood, one family was marked negatively because it had a member with tuberculosis. This kind of attitude can not happen. We need to know the enemy and then beat him and this is one of the objectives of the seminar ", he said.

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