Lula's friend pays secret testimony to Lava Jato

Researchers wanted to know if Bumlai participated in the acquisition of the land and the Institute Lula headquarters works, in Sao Paulo.
06/07/2016 12h19 - Updated 6/07/2016 12h19
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The rancher José Carlos Bumlai, friend of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, He made a secret testimony of Operation Lava Jato.

Researchers wanted to know the farmer if he participated in the acquisition of the land and the Institute Lula headquarters works, in Sao Paulo. The questions of the Bumlai task force also involved the construction company Odebrecht.

The content of the new testimony of a friend of Lula is being kept confidential by the judge Sergio Moro, at the request of the Federal Police, “to preserve the effectiveness of investigations”.

Bumlai was arrested in Operation Free Pass, 21Second phase of Lava Jato, in 24 November last year. In March this year, Live authorized house arrest for three months – monitored with electronic ankle bracelet -, his friend of former president. The rancher, from 71 years, He was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

The secret contents of the new Bumlai testimony has no relation to the flagship loan of R $ 12 million with Banco Schahin – value taken by the farmer in October 2004 and it would have been destined for PT.

Debt is criminal action target in which Bumlai is accused of corruption and mismanagement (White Collar Law). Or Mauricio Bumlai, son of farmer, He is also charged in the case.

In order attached to the file in 20 of June, Moro judge stated that secrecy without prejudice to the defense in the process on the loan of R $ 12 millions, because the facts described in the new statement “They do not concern the criminal action”.

“The police authority has attached new testimony term provided by José Carlos Bumlai, the content required to be kept confidential, except for the defense of the investigation itself, to preserve the effectiveness of investigations. keep, like this, confidence level 2 on documentation, since you may need not to harm the investigations to be carried out”, determined Moro.

The magistrate ordered the exclusive access to defense Bumlai on the testimony, “of course without prejudice to access by federal prosecutors”. “Whereas this survey already instructed the prosecution, should the police authority to pursue the pending investigations, on facts not reported yet, in new investigations, ending this to avoid confusion”, decided Moro.


Bumlai is also key player in research on the site Santa Bárbara, Atibaia (SP), you would Lula, second suspect Lava Jato, but registered in the name of friends.

The property has undergone extensive renovation in 2011 which involved Bumlai, Odebrecht e a OAS – another contractor of the cartel fatiava works and paid millions in bribes in Petrobras.

The newspaper O Estado de S. Paul found that Bumlai not closed tipoff according winning, but has sought to adopt a collaborative approach with the investigation of the Lava Jato.

Lula Institute, through its press office, He has denied any wrongdoing.


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