Draft Control Network will regulate the transition in the prefectures and government

The intention of the project is to prevent, for example, the defeated candidate leave the administration without providing the necessary information to the manager who arrives.
13/07/2016 17h46 - Updated 13/07/2016 17h48
Photo: disclosure / TCE-AM

Accompanied by representatives of the Amazon Public Management Control Network, President of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), Ari Moutinho Junior Advisor, delivered to the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (hazard), this morning (13), the complementary draft bill that aims to regulate the transition process in the municipalities and the government after the elections.

The design intent, that should be voted in early August, after the recess, according to the president of Aleam, Mr Joshua Neto, it is to prevent, for example, that important documents are lost during the transition or the defeated candidate leave the administration without providing the information necessary for the manager to arrive, either for political or partisan fights indifference.

Made by Control Network - made up of the TCE-AM, Attorney General of the Union, court Union accounts, Federal Public Ministry, Comptroller General of the Union, Federal Police and the State of Amazonas prosecutors, Attorney General's Office and Federal Police -, The draft consists of five items and provides, inter alia, the obligation of government to establish a Transitional Government Committee, immediately after the election results, to convey to the elected candidate information, processes and documents (terms of sales conference, s bank reconciliations, statements of amounts to be paid, among others) on the functioning of the organs and entities of government, helping to prepare the new management initiative acts.

During the work of the commissions, composed of representatives of the current administration and the future, if improprieties are found during work, Members should report the matter to the Court and the Prosecutor State for appropriate action.

With the new law, the state will have additional rules to the Federal Supplementary Law No. 101/00 and Law No. 4.320/64, to ensure compliance with the principles of accountability and transparency of fiscal management in transitions.

After meeting with state legislators and members of the Control Network, the presiding, Ari Moutinho Junior, He praised the receptiveness of Aleam to draft and rated the meeting with parliamentarians as a breakthrough in the relationship Control Network with the Legislature. "We are part of the supervisory network had here the best reception possible to transform a resolution of our TCE in law. What changes? Law has impositions, It has penalties for managers who thought they were the owners of the documents in a transition after the election ", said, commenting that the law provides for rules, criteria, penalties for bad manager, that does not respect above all the population.

Executive Coordinator of Network Control, US Attorney Alexander Jabur pointed out that the proposed bill follows projects molds already put into practice in other states. “The law establishes rights and duties of both elected and to defeat, and to establish harmony in the transition. There was the commitment of Members and the interest that this matter is appreciated and which already start now avail these elections ", commented, to remember that the draft resolution was based on TEC, the year 2012, which sought to address this issue of the disappearance of administration documents.

President Joshua Neto said that the handling of the matter will begin at the first plenary session of August, no dia 2, so that it can be resolved in the technical committees and receive amendments to be put to the vote in plenary. According to him, this is a job that the Legislative Assembly is already promoting in accordance with the transparency required by law, and the time is ripe, "Because we're going to make this law tramite the most open and transparent manner and with the necessary speed, so that the elected mayors have already, when the position of transition, this current law ".

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