At least 265 die in clashes after coup attempt in Turkey

From the dead, Turkish authorities reported that 104 They were suspected of involvement in an attempt to seize power.
16/07/2016 14h08 - Updated 16/07/2016 14h08
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Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yıldırım, He described the coup attempt with “a stain on the history of democracy in Turkey” and reported that the death toll in the clashes is at least 265. Others 1.440 they were injured.

In a press conference Saturday (16), Yildirim said security forces detained 2.839 military suspected of involvement in the attempted coup. From the dead, Turkish authorities reported that 104 They were suspected of involvement in an attempt to seize power.

The prime minister said that the situation is “completely under control” no country. “I congratulate all citizens who resisted the coup”, said.

During a morning, Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, He said the situation in the country was under control, chaos after hours caused by the coup attempt made by the Armed Forces -porém, I could still hear explosions in Ankara and Istanbul.

For mobile message, sent in bulk to the Turkish population, President Erdogan urged people to take to the streets and fight for democracy.

In this Saturday, the flights at Ataturk airport, in Istanbul, They resumed.

As did Erdogan, Prime Minister accused the preacher Fethullah Gülen, exile in the United States, of being behind the action. He, However, strongly denied.

According to the state news agency, after the resumption of power, the government has purged 2.745 judges. They were also dispatched 48 requests for the arrest of members of the administrative court and 140 against members of appellate courts. The magistrates would be suspected of having links with Gülen.

Early, General Ümit Dündar -nomeado acting commander of the General Staff of the Armed Forces in place of General Hulusi Akar, that he had been captured by the military on Friday (15)- Said Air Force officers, military police and armored units (tanks) were the main involved in the action.

at 5am (23h Friday in Brasilia) Erdogan, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk chegou ao aeroporto internacional, in Istanbul, coming from Marmaris, in the Mediterranean Sea. In the target terminal of an attack that left 45 killed in 28 of June-, he was greeted by thousands of followers.

in the lobby, again said that a minority of troops was behind the plan and said that the participants will be severely punished by their government. “A minority within the military was fortunately unable to promote the Turkish unit. What has been done is a rebellion and treason. They will pay dearly for his betrayal to Turkey.”

Erdogan suggested that scammers have tried to murder him, when referring to a bombing in a resort of Marmaris, Mediterranean, after he left the place. “It seems that they thought I was there”, said.

Erdogan, who became president in 2014 after 11 years as prime minister, is increasing the power of the head of state, causing the country to assume a presidential model before changing the Constitution by referendum.

The Erdogan government is also criticized for diminishing freedom of expression in the country in an attempt to surround their opponents.

In this Saturday, US Secretary of State or, John Kerry, He said the country has not received request for Gülen extradition and urged Turkey to present opposing the involvement of evidence.

Visiting Luxembourg, Kerry also said the United States will help Ankara in the investigation into the attempted coup.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, condemned the attempted coup. “It is tragic that so many people have died in that coup attempt”, He said Saturday. “The bloodshed has to stop”, he added.

Merkel said that Berlin supported those who defend democracy in Turkey and that is right of the Turkish people to choose their political leader in free elections.

“Tanks in the streets and air strikes against the people themselves are an injustice”, said.

The secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, welcomed the support of the Turkish people to democracy.

“I applaud the strong support shown by the people and all political parties to democracy and democratically elected government in Turkey”, He said by Twitter.

Greece reported that arrested eight men on board a Turkish military helicopter, which landed at Alexandroupolis airport.

Men, in military uniform, They asked for political asylum, and they were arrested on suspicion of involvement in coup attempt.

Turkey requested the group's extradition. The Greek government said it will return the fastest possible helicopter, but that will examine the application for asylum, according to international standards.

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