After attack in France, Brazil will review security measures for Rio 2016

After the attack that left about 84 dead and 100 injured Brazil wants to ensure security at the Olympic Games Rio 2016.
15/07/2016 13h33 - Updated 15/07/2016 13h34
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The chief minister of the Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI) the Presidency, general Sergio Etchegoyen, he said today (15) the government will review the security measures in the country for the Rio Olympics 2016 after yesterday's attack at night in Nice, in France, which left at least 84 dead and 100 wounded.

"We are still under the effect of the shock of the tragedy that hit France. Since that time, the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence and the Office of Institutional Security are working so that we can ensure that we continue the same level of security for the Olympic Games Rio 2016. This requires a number of revisions, new measures and intensive work going forward to maintain the security level. Obviously, our concerns rose plateau ", disse Etchegoyen, a news conference at the Presidential Palace.

Segundo Etchegoyen, the ministers of security and defense area are reviewing all security device to identify any gaps. As this review, identified gaps, there will be an increase of some measures, as more checkpoints and barriers, as well as prohibitions on traffic, he explained.

"It is important that people understand that will change a little comfort for a lot of security. We are ready for the Games 2016, just let us review our procedures [ ]. We have a duty, from what happened [attack in France], to review all our procedures to check for gaps. We need to do an audit of our planning to see if we have left some gap, For some reason, neglected ", he added.

Etchegoyen said the interim president Michel Temer will coordinate today, at 16h, the Presidential Palace, meeting with defense ministers, Justice and GSI to treat the Olympics security after the attack in France.

attack possibility
Asked about terrorist threats in Brazil, Minister GSI said there are "possibilities" of occurrence of attacks in the country as anywhere. "Considering the circumstances, I talk about possibilities of the occurrence of terrorist events. [ ] When the information that there would be a real attempt, Change the word probability ", said Etchegoyen.

Source: Agency Brazil

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