Arsam warns Manaus Environmental disclose the monthly invoices social tariff which grants 50% discount

The lack of disclosure of the social tariff on water bills can result in penalties of warning and fine to the concessionaire.
07/07/2016 13h45 - Updated 7/07/2016 13h46
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The Government of Amazonas, through the Regulatory Agency of Public Services Granted to the State of Amazonas (Arsam), warning about the right to social tariff that fits a portion of users of water supply and sewage services in the city of Manaus.

According to the Municipal Law 2.001, published no dia 26 June 2015, it is the obligation of Manaus Environmental dealership disclose the monthly invoices for those services, the conditions for qualification to discount 50% the beneficiaries of the social tariff, what is not being done. By the total or partial non-performance of such obligations, Councilman José Valdemir requested the intervention of the regulator by the Environmental Manaus, to enforce the law of disclosure of the criteria of the social tariff on outgoing invoices.

According to the head of the commercial department and tariffs Arsam, Amiraldo Braga, even if the benefit information are on the website, in the media, in information or willing banners on care services, the lack of disclosure of the social tariff on water bills can result in penalties of warning and fine to the concessionaire. "The Manaus Environmental shall call, regularly, users require this benefit, mainly through dissemination in the water bill, as it is sent to all who pay for them ", he emphasized. The Arsam warned the concessionaire and the problem has been corrected. A new account template shall enter into force from August.

social tariff
This is a grant intended for low-income users, and granting 50% off the full amount of the water bill, for those who consume, regularly, or equivalent 15 one thousand liters or fifteen cubic meters of water per month. They are within the required criteria for the benefit, the residential class of users with less than or equal family income through minimum wage, the holder of the water connection, owner, legitimate owner or tenant, is enrolled in the Bolsa Família Program of the Federal Government, and having water connection hidrometrada, no violation, tampering or fraud.

Who does not have household connection, It has guaranteed the exemption from value of the first service, and only allowed one connection per user. Some situations can cause loss off the water and sewage account value: default after three overdue invoices, connection with violation, tampering or fraud (in this case the compliance to social tariff will only take place from the regularization), or loss of Bolsa Família. Documents required for membership of the social tariff,: registration number in the family allowance program (NIS); documents proving ownership of the water connection; RG and CPF and proof of residence.

Complaints or claims related to breach of this benefit may be referred to the Ombudsman by the Arsam 0800 280 8585, personally, at the agency's headquarters or PAC San Jose, located in Uai Shopping, East Zone of Manaus.

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