Assembly approves LDO with pass-through to increase TJAM, MP-AM e DPE

Resources will come from the executive budget, who gave up 0,2% its resources.
15/07/2016 08h38 - Updated 15/07/2016 08h39
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The Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard) approved, this Thursday (14), the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) with a joint amending amendment - authored by Members - which provides increased percentage of Amazon Court's resources (TJAM) in 0,1%, the State Prosecutor's Office (Pam) in 0,05%, and Public Defender's Office of the State (DPE) in 0,05%.

The funds will be transferred to the portion corresponding to the State, who gave up a total of 0,2% of its budget cake. With the change in LDO, the judiciary will have a portion of 7,8% of the total state budget in 2017, the prosecutor will 3,35% and the budget of the DPE will be 1,05%.

According to the chairman of the House, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), amending the amendment was the result of an extensive dialogue between the Executive, Legislative, judiciary, in addition to the MP and MEP. "It's good we record that there was a consensus on behalf of institutions, something that until yesterday had not happened. But here is the place to discuss this issue, and we fulfill our duty here. The dialogue took place and come to a consensus ", he said.

The LDO serves as basis for the preparation of the Annual Budget Law (LOA) 2017 - Law that directs the implementation of all state resources for the coming year. Therefore, the percentage set on Thursday should already be on the LOA that come to Aleam this November.

During the vote, the majority of Members highlighted the struggle of the President of TJAM, Judge Flavio Pascarelli, General and Public Defender, Rafael Barbosa, to ensure more resources for their institutions and improve services for the population.

other proposals

Members also overthrew No Veto 13/2016 the State Government to Law no project 324/2015 that nullifies the acts, investigations and administrative proceedings, or initiatives that have generated or could generate punishments to police officers and firefighters. Thereby, the legislation will come into force once published in the Official Gazette of the legislative and grant pardon to all soldiers who took part in strikes and demonstrations for wage improvements, the last two years. The veto was overturned unanimously 19 votes.

Vehicular Pollution Control

Members also approved the 135/2016, of the Executive authorship, which regulates the supervision and control of greenhouse gas emissions by motor vehicles in the city of Manaus and Metropolitan region. According to the proposal the motor vehicles and motorcycles with more than three years of circulation, should make vehicle inspection every year, together with the mandatory annual licensing, from 2017. Change is an adaptation of state legislation to recent changes made to the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) coming into force, in November this year.

Legislative Decree No project 08/2016 with the terms used to compose the Executive Council of Social Autonomous Service, called Amazonense Agency for Cultural Development (AADC), It was also approved.

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