Aulão Solidary Kyra Gracie meets passionate about the gentle art and five-times champions reveals news about the 'Gracie Experience'

It was held late on Thursday, 28, a 'solidarity aulão "to 150 girls.
29/07/2016 15h25 - Updated 29/07/2016 15h31
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Family members more "thick skin" the gentle art, Kyra, Ralph e Gregor Gracie, They landed in Manaus on Wednesday(27), and since then has been conducting visits to social projects of the city. On the evening of Thursday, 28, came the clan officially launch the "Gracie Experience", held from 23, 24 e 25 of September, Arena Amadeu Teixeira, in Flores neighborhood, Central South zone of Manaus, and hold a "solidarity aulão" to 150 girls. The actions have the Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

"I am very happy to be in Manaus. Every time I come here I try to know even more this city and I am impressed with the both of us practicing Jiu-Jitsu here, this reflects the academies, in social projects and championships. It is something wonderful ", said the five-times champions world, that seven months pregnant, It was aided by Uncle Ralph and Gregor cousin to aulão to girls 9 a 15 years, Coexistence in Padre Pedro Vignola Center, located in street Gandu, New city, North Zone.

"The idea of ​​the seminar is to pass my experience, I talked a lot with them. Besides that, I disseminei a little my technique and, for this, Ralph and Gregor helped me, because with this belly it is no longer possible to make so much effort. The essence of it here today, for me, It is that these young people understand that sport is sacrifice, like everything in life. We abdicate and dedicated to something and then reap the good fruits ", said the only black woman's family band.

Kyra Gracie fan, the young Maylene Calheiros, 14, It was only happiness near that it mirrors. The white band is part of the social project 'Nova Uniao Kids', Master Karina Dias, Running in Alvorada neighborhood. "I'm a big fan of Kyra, like her very much and she is a mirror for me. When grow up, I want not only black belt, red as well ", disse Maylene, a year ago knew the sport and passion for sport.

Master of social project Araújo Top Fighter, Natalia Araujo considered important initiative and, she said, It was possible to extract some lessons with the trio of Gracie. "I brought my girls to participate in the aulão, but I was also watching and I could learn a lot of things with Ralph, Gregor e a Kyra. It is important to us to recycle and it is an honor to be near them, which are reference for the world jiu-jitsu ", said Natalia, administering the project in Mutirão and enables free lessons of Jiu-Jitsu for 70 people, among children from four years.

For the holder of Sejel, Fabricio Lima, the event could not have been better. "This aulão approaches Idol, that is an example for many. I'm sure everyone here liked and will take, for the rest of life, this good memory ", said.

Gracie Experience
Before the "Solidarity Seminar Kyra Gracie", the UFC commentator also said details about the Gracie Experience, which will bring together various family activities in three days, In Manaus.

The event will feature seminars, lectures on the history of the sport, tours with students and some surprises. The main action, However, It is the Inter Gracie Championship, which will be attended by Renzo Gracie, Robson Gracie, and Flavia Gracie. "We want to perform on the first day, 23, only theoretical seminars, with our family patriarch talks, Mestre Robson Gracie, e com Renzo Gracie e Ralph Gracie. The last two days will be championships in all categories. All this will be open to all academies ", said Kyra.

One of the great surprises of Gracie Experience will be the promotion that will give the right to a person follow, through a screen, UFC Brasilia, day 25 of September, the Renzo and Ralph company. "Although we will reveal how that surprise, but let's watch the UFC with one of the participants Gracie experience and I'm sure will be a very nice time and we can comment properly ", said Ralph.

Passing by Manaus
Saying goodbye to the little land baré, Gregor Gracie, We visited three social projects on Wednesday, day 26, He said he was enchanted with the City. "I visited three projects, the Municipal School André Vidal de Araújo, Disabled; the Sevalho Club, no Manoa; and the New Union Kids, in Alvorada. I was thrilled and very happy with everything that I could experience and I hope to do much more with these people who so loves Jiu-Jitsu and my family ", highlighted.

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