logistics assistant is arrested after killing man who assaulted him in the AM

Diogo Silva said he had been threatened by the man the next day crime. He said he gave blows to the victim's head with an iron bar.
22/07/2016 16h12 - Updated 22/07/2016 16h12
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The logistics assist Diogo Santos da Silva, from 28 years, He was arrested on Thursday (21) suspected of killing a man who assaulted him in public via the Manaus East Zone. According to the police, the victim threatened Diogo with a machete and carried out the assault on Wednesday (20), next to a vacant lot on Avenida Autaz Mirim. The next day, Diogo killed the man with the iron rod blows.

The crime occurred around 6:30 am, in front of a bank of Jorge Teixeira neighborhood, in the East of the capital. Wednesday night, Diogo Silva says he was on his way to his brother's house when he was approached by the victim, it would be a keeper of cars Area. Another man who was with him and had participated in the assault was not identified.

Diogo Silva said he had been threatened by the double with a machete and that the men stole the sweatshirt he had gained from his brother's gift. “They asked me to pass the phone and I said I had nothing. And the other said 'this guy has nothing? It gives at least one stab at it and steals the sweatshirt '. When he took off my sweatshirt and I saw that he was sticking me, I ran it. He ran after me and I went to my house”, reported.

Thursday morning, Diogo Silva spotted the keeper of cars that assaulted the night before. He says he was again threatened by man. “He was with the knife at the waist. He passed me taking wave with my face and spoke: 'I got put a sweatshirt, cool huh?’. He even put his hand on her waist and started to run after me. I ran and saw the iron bar on the floor”, said.

After the threat, the suspect also said to the police at the police station Especializda Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs), but there was no one on site. “I came here and had no one. When I saw a cop, I spoke to him, I asked for help. He told me to wait, who would get the car. And look… (made gesture indicating the delay of the police return)”, said.

According to the Civil Police, the suspect did not wait and left the police station. At the sight of the keeper of cars, he was armed with an iron bar and hit the man with blows to the head. “He ran and I got the iron bar on him, to defend me. I'm not a criminal, I do not pass by the police and ended up ruining my life for nothing. I am very sorry. I know I messed up, but I am also a victim in the case. Let's assume that the guy kills me. Who would lose his life was me or him?”, He lamented.

After the crime, Diogo walked off the track and was arrested by a team of Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs) passing by the local, according to the delegate Ivo Martins. “Our researchers saw running with the iron rod and made the approach. The motivation was absolutely futile. What causes strangeness is he wants to take justice into their own hands and not wait for the police was 150 metros do local”, commented.

Diogo Silva was booked in flagrante delicto for aggravated murder for futile reasons. At the end of the procedures applicable it will be taken to the public jail Desermbargador Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which will be at the disposal of justice.

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