Bench PMDB considering abstain from voting on the floor to help Cunha

The idea is seen as an "honorable exit" for President away and also to the party.
04/07/2016 14h09 - Updated 4/07/2016 14h09
Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brazil

In an attempt to contribute to a less humiliating outcome for the President of the House away, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), the PMDB bench considering proposing a collective abstention in Cunha cassation of the vote in plenary, expected to take place later this month.

Among parliamentary PMDB, the idea is seen as an "honorable exit" for President away and also to the party. Abstention may favor Cunha, that escape of cassation, If less than 257 of 513 MPs vote against him.

- There are those who think to help you and argue that the best way would be to close position by abstaining on the bench and leave the other parties CASSA it. If there is release and in each PMDB vote however you like, few are left beside him - evaluated a PMDB parliamentarian who requested the GLOBE.

One of the deputy party leaders said that, if the PMDB bench of votes - which has 66 Members - were decisive, would be willing to save Cunha's mandate loss. But, as the general climate of subtitles in the House is that the impeachment is inevitable, PMDB believe that the counter part of abstention is a gesture of "loyalty" to Cunha.

- It's a conversation that everyone is avoiding having, but abstention may be a less indelicate out party, e Cunha was our leader, friend, a good mayor. If the PMDB was the scales, we decided in favor of it, but his situation is independent of us, most parties vote for impeachment - said.

In coreligionists calculations Cunha, of 66 Countertop Members, between 10 e 20 They should be exposed and vote in plenary against the impeachment of the president away, but most of the others can abstain. The idea of ​​collective abstention still solves the skirt-fair of Members who do not want to "burn" the PMDB, nor intend to play the political wear, on the eve of a municipal election, to vote in favor Cunha.

The eventual abstention has no agreement of all on the bench. There is the perception that, the PMDB take the initiative, will be benevolent being to Cunha, but otherwise, leave many MPs without speech through the municipal campaign.

Source: newspaper Extra

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