Banco da Amazônia have $ 600 millions of Harvest Plan for family farms

The funds will be allocated to agricultural projects north of the country.
14/07/2016 14h37 - Updated 14/07/2016 16h53
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Family farmers in the region can now access the resources of the Harvest Plan 2016/2017 the Banco da Amazônia. The institution has available for the period R $ 600 millions, resources for agricultural projects north of the country. Over the years, the sector has received considerable investment of the Federal Government and, with the arrival of July, the Ministry of Social Development and Agrarian launched another Harvest Plan of Family Farming. For all or country, version 2016/2017 the Plan provides for investments of R $ 30 billion, in the period from July 1, 2016 a 30 June 2017.

Strategic to food production and food security of Brazilians who live in rural and urban areas, family farming was essential to remove the hunger map of Brazil, fact recognized since 2014 by the United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO).

"The Harvest Plan 2016/2017 comes to reaffirm this government's commitment, this historic achievement. Among other reasons, It was only possible to hunger map output since has expanded the production of healthy food, especially the agroecological production systems, guaranteed to cheaper credit for producers and expanded to offer policies for rural youth in family agriculture ", explains Cristina Ferreira Lopes, Microfinance manager and Family Farming of Banco da Amazônia.

Each year, the resources available in the Harvest Plan has allowed the farmer family conditions to give strength to your business, especially in the infrastructure of the properties, the expansion, diversification, marketing and increase in food production. Investments possible, still, the revitalization of the local economy, generating jobs and income and encouraging the establishment of man in field.

R$ 3,32 billion for family agriculture
In the last five harvests (2011/2012 a 2015/2016), Banco da Amazônia invested R $ 3,32 billion in the Amazon, in 167.951 thousand contracts. Only Harvest Plan 2015/2016, They were carted R $ 548,6 million in resources to the month of June last, in 18.973 thousand contracts. The total of this crop, R$ 18,8 million was invested in the Amazon.

The resources of the Harvest Plan, via PRONAF, It has expanded access to youth credit, women, traditional communities, and promote the strengthening of cooperatives and associations. The program has very attractive interest rates, and grant performance bonus for some financing lines. More information about the Harvest Plan and Pronaf can be obtained at site do banco.

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