social security and social benefits are treated in event for people with disabilities

From or day 25 It is being held at Amazon, Employability Week and Vocational Training of the disabled person.
28/07/2016 06h51 - Updated 28/07/2016 07h02
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Supplementary Law No. 142, from 8 from May of 2013, which deals with the person insured retirement with disability of the General Social Security Regime (RGPS), It was addressed on Wednesday, 27 July, during Employability Week and Vocational Training of the disabled person. The event is being held by the State Department of Persons with Disabilities (Seped), from Monday (25), and goes to day 29 July, the body seat, Adrianople neighborhood, center-on area, with the provision of services and citizenship records for jobs and training courses.

As the law is guaranteed the granting of retirement for disabled person, three four categories: If there is 25 years of contribution time, if man, e 20 years, if a woman, in the case of insured severely disabled; 29 years of contribution time, if man, e 24 years, if a woman, if insured with moderate disabilities; 33 years of contribution time, if man, e 28 years, if a woman, if insured with mild disabilities, or the 60 years old, if man, e 55 years old, if a woman, regardless of the degree of disability, provided that met minimum time contribution 15 years and proven the existence of a disability during the same period.

For the social worker of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), Heraldyva Lira, It requires more knowledge of the beneficiaries themselves of this right. "We now have regulated this law granting retirement for time and age to the disabled, into three categories degree of disability: grave, moderate and mild. It is a direct already set, but still it needs to be known by the people on these social and welfare benefits ".

Quota Law – Another important issue highlighted was the 25 years of Law 8.213/91 (Quota Law), which is a regulatory framework for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market and the fight in favor of training and professional qualification that such public, guaranteed by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities UN, from 2007. The Quota Law provides that company with 100 or more employees are required to fill 2% a 5% their positions with rehabilitated or disabled.

According to the state secretary of Seped, Vania Suely, not enough to meet the quota, It is essential to ensure good conditions of work for people with disabilities. "We have this law in effect for a while, but it is important to note that, and grant vacancies, it is necessary for the companies to provide healthy conditions in interpersonal relationships and architectural structure for the employee with disabilities can perform their duties ".

Support – The Employability Week and Professional Qualification of Persons with Disabilities goes to day 29 July, from 9h to 14h, on the premises of Seped. The mobilization has the support of the National Employment System of the Amazon (SINE/AM), Senai (old), Secretariat of State for Labour - (SETRAB), National Social Security Institute do (INSS), Regional Labour and Employment in the Amazon (SRTE/A); Department of Public Safety (SSP), Center for Technological Education of Amazonas - CETAM, North University Center (UNINORTE), Association of Amazon Disabled (ADEFA).

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