Bomb: STF can be central to next tipoff

Renomado advogado soube que estava na mira de investigações e disse que vai ‘oferecertudo sobre o Judiciário.
04/07/2016 08h46 - Updated 4/07/2016 17h35
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renowned lawyer, considered one of the best in the country, I knew that was the target of the investigations.

Do not think twice: researchers sought to offer everything you know about the judiciary - and reported details of anything Republican relations with members of the Supreme Court and also the Supreme Court.

Detail: He gave the name of ministers.

Who had access to the talks says it will not remain stone unturned when snitching is closed.

We can not wait!

Perhaps this becomes clear the reason for so many totalitarian decisions, interference with prisoners of powers and release made in recent times.


Not snitching Odebrecht, considered the most important of all here, should overcome this noble cause list.

Source: Political skepticism and The Globe

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