Brazilians have already paid this year R $ 1 tri in taxes and fees, second ACSP

With higher prices, the consumer ends up paying out also higher values ​​in taxes.
06/07/2016 14h56 - Updated 6/07/2016 15h52
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The Impostômetro the Commercial Association of Sao Paulo (ACSP), located in the central region of São Paulo, reached today (5), at 13.30, a mark of R $ 1 trillion, value which covers the total tax, fees and contributions paid by the population in the three levels of government (municipal, state and federal) from 1 janeiro de 2016.

Second ACSP, last year that figure was reached on 29 June and the delay this year is associated with the fall in revenue, due to the crisis in the country and weakens economic activity. "Even with this weakening, the panel reaches R $ 1 trillion due to the advance of inflation.

With higher prices, the consumer disburses, also, higher values ​​in taxes, since these are calculated on the final price of goods and services ", says the ACSP.

stagnant GDP
The president of ACSP, Alencar Burti, the current government needs to focus on medium-term spending and let the economy recover, as, although the gross domestic product (the sum of all wealth produced in the country) not have growth forecast for this year, There are signs of improvement for all sectors of the economy in the second half.

"We believe that there should be no tax increase, because it would only worsen the situation. Despite the increases made by the previous administration, we saw that the collection did not improve. That is, not had any effect on government coffers. And the tax burden is already at the limit ", Burti finished.


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