Whitewashed snake "anti-doping" Lindbergh: "It's very salivating, com dilated pupils "; see video

Petista havia acusado senador do DEM de “pau face” e depois insinuou corrupção.
14/07/2016 15h50 - Updated 14/07/2016 15h50
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Senator Ronaldo Caiado (DEM-GO) snapped one Lindbergh Farias attack (PT-RJ) session on Wednesday (13) insinuating that the PT has used drugs.

The squabble began when Caiado speaking criticizing the salary adjustment for different categories of civil servants on the grounds that the government should prioritize job creation and not the increase for categories that have stability.

Lindbergh was then referred to Caiado without quote him by name:
"It amazes me the senator's chutzpah that preceded me, who defended all pumps guidelines, come now to talk about fiscal responsibility. Now, You have to maintain a minimum of coherence in policy debate. We are in favor of the adjustment now because it is within the inflation target. "

Angered by the cynicism of charge, Whitewashed responded with a suspected diagnosis:
"I have always maintained high-level debate. I can drive me to colleagues with all respect and not adjetivando them in order to disqualify them because I am a man prepared for the debate. But the senator who preceded me, I do not drive myself to him as a senator but as a doctor because I have noticed that he is salivating a lot lately and is with very dilated pupils. He should first present under what conditions it is here in the plenary and then enter the debate. He does not have the minimum conditions for that. "

The Bench of Pacifier, obviously, wroth with Overture screaming that was disrespectful and Lindbergh responded immediately implying that the Democrat is corrupt.

"Who knows life Caiado is former Senator Demosthenes Torres who always talks about his connection with the Carlinhos Cachoeira scheme."

Whitewashed then answered:
"They should take antidoping here".

The squabble took Renan Calheiros to suspend the session for a few minutes. Lindbergh, as is customary in PT, threatens to sue Caiado.

Watch the video:

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