Cash to fund real estate purchase up to R $ 3 million

According bank executive, the measure is an effort to speed up disbursement in the second half.
18/07/2016 10h47 - Updated 18/07/2016 15h45
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The CEF will raise the ceiling of the value of real estate by the bank financeable, the percentage of funding for higher values ​​of real estate and facilitate conditions for construction, in an effort to speed up disbursement in the second half, said one bank executive.

One of the main measures of the package, expected to be announced next Monday, is fold 3 million reais maximum value of real estate that can be financed by the bank, according to Box Housing vice president, Nelson De Souza.

Besides that, according to him, Box will raise the financing share in the Real Estate Financing System (SFI), used for property worth more than 750 thousand reais, from 70 for 80 percent in new buildings, e 60 for 70 percent if used.

The bank is also reopening and expanding a line that allows the mortgage transfer which has been contracted with other banks.

Thereby, borrowers may transfer to Caixa to 70 percent of the loan you have taken with other financial institutions. The limit now is 50 Percent.

Other measures for individuals include raising the level of approval of proposals by the bank, Today around 80 Percent, besides an intense publicity campaign.

“In the second half we have to do much more”, Souza said in an interview with Reuters.

In the year to June, a Caixa, largest real estate financier in the country, granted under 39 billion reais, a budget for the year now about 93 billion reais.

The effort to make the industry, one that most reflects the deepening recession, regain traction also includes easing parameters for allocating resources to developers.

One of such initiatives is the reopening of the so-called Plan Entrepreneur (PEC), simplified funding mechanism that had been suspended because of rising defaults and the large volume of renegotiations.

Besides being reopened, the line will have the amortization period extended 6 for 12 months, with grace 6 months.

reversal of trial

The focus of the case in real estate to higher income families aims to reverse the trend of strong contraction, caused in part by escasseamento features of the Brazilian Savings and Loan System (SBPE), main source of real estate financing resources of the country.

The savings account, that lastreia or SBPE, had net output 42,6 billion reais in the first half, worst result for the period of the series started in 1995, second or Central Bank.

According to the latest issue of the Brazilian Association of Credit and Savings Entities Real Estate (Abecip), SBPE financing volume to purchase real estate amounted 10,9 billion reais from January to March, it is of 54,6 percent compared to the same period of 2015.

Thereby, Caixa became more rigorous in new concessions, requiring greater input value or more collateral from borrowers.

The movement married the drop in demand for loans, due to the combination of rising unemployment and high inflation, who have pressed the income of families.

In the case of Cash, one of the consequences of this scenario was down about 6 percent in the volume of grants in their feirões of home, 14 regional events that the bank does every year, for 10,3 billion reais.

However, the bank achieved other sources, including FGTS, issuance of financial bills and release of compulsory deposits.

“We went back and got features that were missing”, said Souza. “Now we have money left”, he said.

In addition to measures for middle class families and high income, Box is returning to accelerate hiring in the public housing program Minha Casa Minha Vida.

On Friday, Minister of Cities, Bruno Araújo, He said the federal government plans to hire 300 thousand 400 thousand units of tracks 2 e 3 the program until December.


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