Box will release R $ 10 billion for the construction industry

With this measure, Caixa wants to stimulate the sector, whose activity level is still far below the usual.
22/07/2016 11h27 - Updated 22/07/2016 11h27
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Caixa Econômica Federal will release a credit package for builders on Monday, 25, when the credit lines will be in effect.

O bank intends to release, no minimum, R$ 10 billion, said the vice president of Bank Housing, Nelson Antonio de Souza.

He said the funds will come from a mix of sources, which includes the return of housing portfolio, savings funding, FGTS and Mortgage Bonds (LCI).

By extending financing for builders, Caixa wants to stimulate the sector, whose activity level is still far below the usual.

The measure is in line with the request of the President of, Michel Temer, to unlock the credit as a way to boost the economy. The main problem of the sector, however, is the lack of demand.

On Monday, 18, Caixa announced that it has doubled the ceiling for financing R $ 3 million in the Real Estate Financing System (SFI).

Construction companies can get this credit to finance works that fall under this limit, but also for more affordable housing, framed in the Housing Finance System (SFH), which has a limit of R $ 750 thousand for large urban centers.

Thereby, the share of funding rose 70% for 80% for new buildings and 60% for 70% in case of waste. These changes also take effect in the second.

Inside the package for builders, Caixa will facilitate access to credit for businesses. Is it possible to contract the operation both for the construction – since 20% the units are sold, which would cover the cost of the work – and to finance potential buyers (in this case, suffice it 80% the project is completed).


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