Chamber signs agreement with Public Security Bureau to issue Identity Card

Wilker Barreto and Sergio Fontes signed Technical Cooperation Agreement between the institutions on the morning of Monday (18).
18/07/2016 18h10 - Updated 18/07/2016 18h10
Photo: Press Release / CMM

The Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), signed, on the morning of Monday (18), the plenary of the House, the holder of the Public Security Secretariat of the State, Sergio Fontes, a Term of Technical Cooperation between institutions, which will allow the operation of an identification station for identity card expedition on the premises of the Municipal Legislature. The post will start on Monday (25), and expects to issue 20 ID cards a day.

Wilker Barreto said that the Board will be an important arm in the issue of the document, especially in the city's West Zone, and this action only emphasizes, further, the House is increasingly humanised. “The Chamber will now issue the General Registration document in the Ombudsman room, every day, at where 20 passwords will be distributed to the population, and will be of great help to this city in the region. In this agreement the Council will also provide ten servers that help in shipping documents in civil police of the General Police Headquarters, helping the pent-up demand there. Today we will sign, for next Monday begin work”, He explained the parliamentary.

For the Secretary Sergio Fontes, the identification station at CMM, It will be a very big boost in social inclusion work, which is done by the secretariat through the shipping documents. “The identity card is a citizenship tool, social inclusion instrument. People integrate into society, They make use of their rights and duties by such documentation. We are very grateful to the Board of Aldermen for this support, because the demand identity card expedition is too large, I really had effective deficiency, and these servers there, Identification of the Institute, and this post here in the House will be undoubtedly a big reinforcement”, said the responsible for public security of the State.

After signing the Technical Cooperation Agreement between the Municipality of Manaus and the Secretariat of Public Security of the State, the Elias Emanuel councilors (PSDB), Roberto Sabino (PROS), Professor Samuel (PHS), Professor Jacqueline (PHS), Socorro Sampaio (PP), Luis Mitoso (PSD), Pastora Luciana (PP) e Jairo da Vical (PROS) They congratulated the president of CMM and the holder of the office by the innovative initiative.

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